Israel Armed 12 Syrian “Rebel Groups,” Terrorist Leaders Admit

The Jews-only state of Israel armed at least 12 different “Syrian rebel” groups—most of them who turned out to be ISIS-aligned—since 2013, several leaders of those groups have admitted in an interview... Read more »

US Bombs Syrian Army Units Battling ISIS; American Missiles Discovered in ISIS Cache

US air force bombers have attacked Syrian army forces which were attacking ISIS units in Syria, in what one Syrian MP has called a “clear & direct US protection of ISIS”—while at the... Read more »

US-Syrian Weapons Sold on Black Market

US arms being supplied to Syrian “rebels” are being stolen and resold on the Jordanian black market, according to American and Jordanian intelligence officials. The taxpayer-funded weapons—part of the Obama regime’s plan to... Read more »

Syria: Iran Admits “Heavy Casualties”

The Iranian government has confirmed that it has suffered “heavy casualities” of at least 700 dead from its ground forces fighting ISIS near the Syrian city of Aleppo. Contrary to Western propaganda,... Read more »

Clinton: Israel Helps Syria “Rebels”

Israel has actively supported “Syrian rebels” as part of a wider US-Israeli strategy to destabilize the Arab world, new revelations from the Hilary Clinton email archive have confirmed. The emails reveal Clinton’s... Read more »

Turkey-ISIS Link Admitted as Supply Route Cut

A major Washington DC think tank has become the first establishment institution to publicly admit that Turkey is the main source of supplies to the ISIS stronghold of Aleppo in Syria. It... Read more »

$1bn US “Aid” to Syrian Terrorists in 2015/2016

US President Barack Obama’s Thanksgiving weekend was kicked off with a $406 million gift to terrorists in Syria, part of the 2016 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) signed by the White House... Read more »

Russian Attacks in Syria Pay Off

The Syrian army has made such sweeping territorial advances against ISIS in Syria since the Russian air force started attacking US-backed “rebels” that a million Syrian refugees have been able to return... Read more »

US Gives ISIS Airliner-killing Arms

The Obama regime is now supplying “rebels” in Syria with advanced hand-held weaponry capable of shooting down civilian airliners, US intelligence sources have admitted—an ominous development in the light of the downing... Read more »