Syrian Govt: “Refugees” Can Come Home Now

The Syrian government has announced all of its nationals outside that country who fled as “refugees” can now return home as peace returns to that nation following the crushing of the US-backed... Read more »

“Syrian Refugee Surge” for US

The US State Department is bringing an average of 1,500 “Syrian refugees” to America every month in order to meet President Barack Obama's target of settling 10,000 in the country by September.... Read more »

Legal “Syrian” Immigration Dwarfs “Refugees”

More than 100,000 “Syrians” have already legally emigrated to the US since 2012, official figures have shown—dwarfing the 10,000 “refugees” that the Obama administration wants to bring into the country. According to... Read more »

Canada Prioritizes Homo “Refugees”

The new Canadian government’s “Syrian refugee policy” has prioritized homosexual male “refugees” over heterosexual male “refugees” allegedly because the homosexuals are less of a “terrorist threat,” it has emerged. A report in... Read more »

US States Can’t Stop “Syrian Refugees”

Individual US state governors who seek to block the resettlement of “Syrian refugees” are engaging in an elaborate hoax as they must be aware that they have no power at all to... Read more »