72 Terrorists Came from Countries Covered by Trump Vetting Order

A review of information compiled by a Senate committee in 2016 reveals that 72 nonwhite invaders from the seven countries covered in President Donald Trump's vetting executive order have been convicted in... Read more »

ISIS Hit Squads in Germany

ISIS “hit squads” and “sleeper cells” have definitely entered Germany disguised as refugees, Bavaria’s spy agency (BayLfV) chief Manfred Hauser has announced. In addition, there have been at least 340 confirmed ISIS... Read more »

Portuguese Nationalists Demo against Invasion

About 50 activists from the Portuguese National Renovator Party (Partido Nacional Renovador, PNR) took part in a fake “ISIS beheading” demonstration against Islamism and the Third World invasion of Europe last Saturday.... Read more »

Munich: Iranian Invader Terror Attack

Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old Iranian invader living in Munich, has been identified as the gunman who killed at least ten people in Munich yesterday, with multiple reports claiming that he shouted “Allahu... Read more »

Austria: Refugee Jihadist Gets 20 Years

A Muslim “refugee” who worked as a preacher at an Islamic Center in Graz, Austria, has been sentenced to 20 years in jail for acting as a recruiter for other Muslims to... Read more »

Whites Targeted in Bangladesh Attack

White Europeans were once again singled out for murder by radical Muslim terrorists during the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh, according to survivors of the incident. The attack, which took... Read more »

FBI Censored Homo Club Shooter Statement

The FBI has now admitted that it deliberately censored the transcript of the Orlando homo club shooter Omar Mateen so that all references to Islam were removed and “Allah” was replaced... Read more »

Mumbai Refugee-Terrorist in Austria?

A Pakistani allegedly wanted by police for the 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, has been arrested in Austria after he entered Europe via Greece and the “Balkans route” posing as a... Read more »

Terror Arrests: How Many More?

The capture of six nonwhite “immigrant” terrorists—including one of the fugitive Brussels airport bombers—was only one of a series of such arrests the past two weeks which took place in Denmark, Germany,... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorists Overrunning Europe

The European Union’s border agency Frontex has admitted that there are an unknown number of jihadis in Europe—and that the “refugee crisis” is allowing them to enter at will. At the same time,... Read more »

Molenbeek: Daily Mail’s Anti-White Lies

The UK's Daily Mail's anti-white bias was illustrated once again with their claim that "right wing fanatics," deliberately ran down a Muslim woman in Molenbeek this weekend—when in fact the culprits were... Read more »

ISIS Arrests in Moscow

Russian security forces have arrested eighteen ISIS terrorists in Moscow—all of them carrying Turkish identification documents and having entered the country from Uzbekistan. The arrests highlight the danger posed by the European Union... Read more »

Brussels Attacked by Refugee-Terrorists

At least three of the terrorists who took part in the March 22 attacks in Brussels were “refugees” who entered Europe via Greece and the Balkans route, the Greek government has confirmed.... Read more »

Switzerland: 60 Jihadist Cases

Switzerland—another nation being flooded with nonwhite “refugees”—currently has no less than 60 Jihadists being investigated for possible terrorist links, that country’s attorney general has announced. Speaking to the Neue Luzerner Zeitung, Michael Lauber... Read more »

Austrians: Terror Attack “Likely”

In yet another shocking example of how liberals are deliberately blind to the real nature of the terrorist threat, a senior advisor to the Austrian government has said that his country “quite... Read more »

100 Molenbeeks in France

There are at least one hundred neighborhoods like Molenbeek in France, that country’s Minister for Cities, Patrick Kanner, has announced—another indication of how legal nonwhite immigration is overrunning Europe. Speaking on French radio,... Read more »

Brussels: Patriots Disrupt Peaceniks

Just over one thousand patriots put in a surprise appearance at a peacenik rally in central Brussels today, sparking off heated confrontations with a similar-sized crowd of reds and nonwhites who had... Read more »

Belgium: Fear Cancels Leftist “March against Fear”

A liberal-organized “March against Fear” in Brussels scheduled for today was cancelled—because of security fears. The “March against Fear” was just one of the useless “protests” planned by those who do not understand... Read more »

2019 is D-Day for Belgium

The 2019 general elections in Belgium are its D-Day, because after this date, nonwhite mass immigration will overwhelm that nation, the leader of the Vlaams Belang (VB) party, Tom van Grieken, has... Read more »

Identitarians to Demo in Molenbeek (UPDATED)

The European Identitarian movement intends to hold a mass demonstration of its supporters from several nations in the center of the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek on April 2, under the banner of... Read more »

Terror and Legal Immigration

Decades of legal nonwhite immigration and “asylum” policies are proving to be just as deadly a terrorist threat to Europe as is the “refugee” invasion of 2015, latest events have shown. The controlled... Read more »

Austrians: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault’

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe—that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double... Read more »

More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested in Germany

Another four Islamic State (IS) refugee-terrorist have been arrested in dawn raids on Thursday, February 4, at three “asylum centers” across Germany—with the cell leader being detained in an in an “asylum... Read more »

The Worldwide Terror War on Whites

About 30 Europeans have been murdered in five terrorist attacks during the first fifteen days of 2016—part of a deliberate and ongoing worldwide terrorist war directed primarily against white people by Islamist... Read more »

Austria: Invader Brawls, Border Chaos, and Terror

Socialist-Conservative alliance-ruled Austria has ended the year with a series of mass brawls in invader camps, a terror threat in the middle of Vienna—and the turning back at the border of at... Read more »