US’s Iran Terrorists “Settled” in Europe

The U.S. government has moved the Israeli-backed terrorist group “Mujahedin-e Khalq,” (MKO) from Iraq to Europe. MKO—a Marxist Iranian dissident group—was revealed as being trained by Israel to carry out a terror... Read more »

A Tale of Two Mohammeds in America

Mohamed Amiin Ali Roble, a Somali invader who survived the 2007 Minneapolis bridge collapse, has been charged with attempting to join ISIS—on the same day that Palestinian invader Muhammad Dakhlalla was sentenced... Read more »

25% “German” ISIS are Turks

At least 25 percent of all legally-resident nonwhites living in Germany who volunteered for active service with ISIS are Turks, the government has admitted. The statistics come just one day after a... Read more »

Leaked Report Links Turkey to ISIS

A top-secret German intelligence report, accidentally leaked to the public, has described Turkey as a “platform” for Islamists, and revealed that country’s official support for the ISIS-aligned Al Nusra Front in Syria.... Read more »

Whites Targeted in Bangladesh Attack

White Europeans were once again singled out for murder by radical Muslim terrorists during the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh, according to survivors of the incident. The attack, which took... Read more »

US-Supplied “Rebel” Weapons in ISIS Hands

Conclusive evidence that the US government’s “aid” to “moderate Syrian rebels” goes straight to ISIS has emerged following the capture of Falluja in Iraq today with the seizure of a large number... Read more »

Austrians: ‘Reds, It’s Your Fault’

Terrorist attacks in Europe are the fault of the leftist parties in Europe—that was the message that activists from the Austrian Identitarian movement carried into the streets of Vienna today in double... Read more »

Invaders Held for Weapons at Greek Border

Three nonwhite invaders—including two who hold British passports—have been arrested in Greece while trying to smuggle firearms and more than 200,000 rounds of ammunition into Europe via the “refugee Balkans route,” local... Read more »

Three More Refugee-Terrorists Arrested

Three more refugee-terrorists have been arrested, two in an invader center in Graz, Austria, and a third in Germany, police in both countries have announced. Two “Syrians,” brothers aged 16 and 18,... Read more »

ISIS Created by US Invasion of Iraq

The international terrorist organization ISIS is the direct result of the American-led George W. Bush-era invasion of Iraq, an Amnesty International report has concluded. The dramatic evidence for this assertion is contained... Read more »

ISIS is armed by US and its Allies

The Islamic State (ISIS) has almost exclusively been armed by the United States government and its allies—Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey—a new Amnesty International report has revealed. Titled Taking Stock: The Arming... Read more »

EU Ignores Warning of CBW Attack

The European Union has deliberately ignored an official warning from its own research service which says that Europe must prepare itself for the possibility of a chemical or biological weapon (CBW) attack... Read more »

The Danger of Legal Immigration

The San Bernardino Muslim terrorist shooting has highlighted the fact that legal immigration to the US is now as big a threat as illegal immigration—not because of system failures but exclusively because... Read more »

Patriotic French Mayor Creates Security Militia

The famous patriotic mayor of the southwestern town of Beziers in France has announced the formation of a volunteer force to patrol the streets and help boost security while France remains in... Read more »

Merkel’s Terrorist “Refugee” Invasion

Despite shootouts in Paris, eight ISIS militants detained in Turkey pretending to be “refugees,” and at least eight invaders using the same fake “Syrian passport” details as found in the Paris terrorist... Read more »

The Merkel Lie Machine on Paris Attacks

German chancellor Angela Merkel—single-handedly responsible for the latest Third World tsunami to hit Europe—has continued her record lying streak by claiming that the Paris attacks were motivated by an “attack on our... Read more »

UK “Asylum Seeker” Jailed for Terror

A Muslim imam “asylum seeker” living in North Wales, Britain, was jailed this week for six years after being found guilty of a terror plot involving an £18.6 million ($28.6 million) arms... Read more »

Terrorism in Syria: Created by America and Supported by Israel, says Syrian President

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said that the al-Qaeda terrorist war being waged in his nation was created by the deliberate policies of the American government and is militarily and logistically supported... Read more »