UPDATED: Melbourne Car Ramming Terrorist Claimed to be a “Muslim Kurd”

The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20, claimed he was a "Muslim Kurd" on Facebook, but has now been positively identified... Read more »

Ohio Attack and Media Bias

The controlled media’s sympathetic and excuse-finding coverage of Somali “refugee” Ohio State University attacker Abdul Razak Ali Artan’s “motives” is in stark contrast to the way any white who commits a racially-motivated... Read more »

Chemnitz: Refugee-Terrorist Attack Foiled

German police have foiled yet another nonwhite refugee-terrorist attack, this time on an airport near Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony. Three other refugee-terrorists have been arrested and police are looking for... Read more »

Austria: New Turk Terror Attack

A Turk invader—born in Austria to legal immigrants—has been arrested after trying to run down pedestrians in Vienna in his vehicle while shouting Allahu Akbar. The lone wolf attack took place on... Read more »

Third World Terror Engulfs Europe

Decades of Third World immigration and liberal race-denial are the primary reasons behind the nightmare of Islamist terror engulfing Europe, as the attack this morning on a church in France has once... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Poland

A refugee-terrorist from Iraq—making use of the European Union’s “free movement” policy—has been arrested in Poland by police while planning terrorist attacks in the city of Lodz. The 48-year-old “asylum seeker” entered... Read more »

Germany: Ax Attacker Refugee-Terrorist’s Path

The Afghan invader who carried out the ax attack on train commuters in Germany this week arrived in Europe via the Balkans route—and was stopped on the Hungarian border on June 23,... Read more »

Nice Terror: The Witches Brew

The latest terrorist attack in Nice, France, has been caused by the witches’ brew of radical Islam, mass Third World immigration into Europe—and the European establishment’s military interference in the Middle East. Ultimately,... Read more »

Don’t Work in Muslim Countries: Foreign Workers Massacred in Yemen Al-Qaeda Attack VIDEO

The danger for Europeans in going to work in Muslim countries has been underlined once again with the release by Yemeni state television of video footage of an Al-Qaeda terrorist attack on... Read more »