Saudi Arabia: 39K Pakistanis Deported for Immigration, Crime, Terror Offenses

The Saudi Arabian government has deported 39,000 Pakistanis back to Pakistan over the last four months because of immigration violations, criminal activity, and terrorist threats, and, since 2012, have deported over three-quarters... Read more »

Melbourne: Xmas Day Terror Averted

Police in Melbourne, Australia, have arrested five Muslims—four Australian-born Lebanese, and one Egyptian-born, all legal immigrants—for planning a series of massive attacks in the city on Christmas Day. Read more »

UK Taxpayers Funded Brussels Bombers

British taxpayers directly funded the Islamist terrorists who carried out the Brussels airport and train bombings though welfare payments made to invaders inside Britain, a court has heard. Mohamed Abrini—the terrorist known... Read more »

Germany: Mass Swoop on Invaders

Police in Germany have swooped on at least 200 addresses linked to the Muslim group “The True Religion” (Die wahre Religion, DWR), set up by nonwhite invaders living legally in that country.... Read more »

Refugee-Terrorist Arrested for Berlin Bomb Plot

A 19-year-old Syrian pretending to be a refugee planned to bomb tourist buses in Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Reichstag parliament building, new evidence presented in court has revealed. Shaas... Read more »

“Moderate Rebel,” ISIS Terrorist-Refugees Arrested

Austrian police in Innsbruck have arrested a member of the Obama-backed “moderate” Free Syrian Army for mass-murder—at the same time that another ISIS refugee-terrorist was arrested in Salzburg. According to the STOL... Read more »

ISIS: New Call for Lone Wolf Attacks

ISIS has renewed its call on Muslims living in “Crusader nations” to attack non-Muslims using “widely available” weapons such as knives and blunt objects to murder their victims. The call is made... Read more »

New Invader Terror Attack in Brussels

Yet another nonwhite invader living legally in Belgium has carried out an ISIS-instructed “lone wolf” attack, stabbing two police officers at a Brussels train station. The invader, a North African “immigrant” with... Read more »

Turk Arrested for Latest Islamic Terror

A Muslim “immigrant” from Turkey, Arcan Cetin, has been arrested for the latest Islamic terrorist mall attack in America, in which five people were gunned down in a Macy’s store in Burlington,... Read more »

Böblingen: Refugee-Terrorist Arrested

German police have arrested yet another refugee-terrorist, this time in Baden-Wüttermberg, where he was hiding out in a “refugee center” in the district of Böblingen after entering Germany during the summer 2015... Read more »

Germany: At least 180 ISIS Terrorists

There are at the very minimum 180 ISIS-trained terrorists at loose inside Germany, in addition to the 400 investigations underway against invaders posing as refugees, the head of the Federal Criminal Police... Read more »

UK: Chemical Bomb Attack Foiled

Three nonwhites—two legal immigrants, and a “refugee” from Iraq—have been arrested by British police for preparing a chemical bomb attack and a Paris-style massacre. The two legal immigrants, aged 19 and 20,... Read more »

Arrests for Notre Dame Car Bomb

At least three more North African invaders linked to last weekend’s attempted car bombing of Paris’s famous Notre Dame Cathedral have been arrested, French police have announced. This brings the total number of... Read more »

Thailand: Terror Attacks Target Whites

The latest terrorist attacks in Thailand—which saw eleven bombs detonated in an 18-hour period—deliberately targeted areas where white western tourists made up large numbers of passersby. The attacks are but the latest... Read more »

Invader Terror Closes Down French Events

Nearly a dozen major outdoor events in France have been cancelled out of fear that nonwhite invader “immigrants” and refugee terrorists will use them to carry out more attacks like the one... Read more »

Belgium: Invader-Terrorist Machete Attack

Another nonwhite invader terrorist has been shot dead in Brussels, Belgium, after attacking and wounding two police officers with a machete while shouting “Allahu Akbar.” The immigrant terrorist was shot by an... Read more »

London Stabber is Islamist Terrorist

The Somali invader who carried out a knife attack in central London is an Islamist who openly supported one of Britain’s most famous self-admitted Al-Qaeda operatives—and is not “mentally ill” as the... Read more »

“We are Going to Destroy Your Country”

The Third World legal immigrant-terrorist who last week murdered a priest in northern France has told French people in a newly-released ISIS video that he and his fellow Islamists are “going to... Read more »

Spain: “Legal Immigrant” Terror Arrests

At least 50 legally-resident Third World invaders have been arrested for planning attacks on European beach holiday-makers in Spain—and two have been charged with financing ISIS in Syria. The arrests illustrate that... Read more »

‘All Terrorists are Insane’—FPÖ’s Hofer

The establishment and media must stop excusing the actions of the recent Islamist terrorists as being caused by “mental health problems”—because all terrorists have such problems, Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) presidential... Read more »

Ansbach Bombing: Merkel’s Refugee-Terrorists Strike

The suicide bomb attack by a failed Syrian “asylum seeker” in Ansbach last night is the fourth refugee-terrorist attack in seven days, dramatically highlighting the full extent of Angela Merkel’s treason to... Read more »

“Migration = Terrorism:” Hungarian Govt.

The “migration wave” currently being experienced in Europe goes “hand in hand” with the spread of terrorism, the parliamentary leader of Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party has said. Speaking at a press conference... Read more »

Germany: Another Refugee-Terrorist Attack

The nonwhite Afghan terrorist who attacked commuters on a train in Bavaria invaded Germany in 2015 as an “unaccompanied minor” claiming to be a refugee, the Bavarian Interior Minister has confirmed. The... Read more »

Paris: 4 More Terror Arrests

Another four nonwhite invader terrorists—including an Algerian, two Turks, and a woman—have been arrested for planning an attack in the French capital, police in Paris have announced. The four nonwhites were arrested during... Read more »

Europol: “5,000” ISIS in Europe

Around 5,000 ISIS-trained jihadists are in Europe—all European Union (EU) nationals, nonwhites who have gained European citizenship after legally immigrating there, EU’s police chief has warned. He said that the huge influx of... Read more »

Munich on Refugee-Terrorist Alert

Police in Bavaria are searching for seven Iraqi refugee-terrorists this morning after a massive security presence closed down two railway stations in Munich, including the Hauptbahnhof—the same place where, earlier this year,... Read more »