US Backs Israel’s Illegal Golan Heights Occupation; Syrians Find Two Israeli, US Arms Caches

In yet another example of the growing power of the right wing Jewish lobby over the Trump administration, the US has voted against a United Nations resolution condemning Israel for its continued... Read more »

Paris Attacks: Two New Invader Arrests in Austria

Two more nonwhite invaders who entered Europe pretending to be “refugees” have been arrested in Austria after being linked to the cell which carried out the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris. According... Read more »

Russian Attacks in Syria Pay Off

The Syrian army has made such sweeping territorial advances against ISIS in Syria since the Russian air force started attacking US-backed “rebels” that a million Syrian refugees have been able to return... Read more »

3rd Paris Bomber also a Refugee-Terrorist

At least three of the terrorists who attacked Paris entered Europe by posing as “refugees” it has now emerged, confirming once again that the nonwhite invasion flood is being used by Islamists... Read more »