Trump: If Illegals Unhappy with Border Conditions, then Don’t Come to US

US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims of “poor conditions” for nonwhite invaders being held at the US’s southern border by saying on Twitter that if they are so unhappy with their... Read more »

Trump’s DACA Amnesty Will Mean Instant Nonwhite Majority of Under-18s

US President Donald Trump’s campaign-promise breaking offer to give amnesty to “double” the number of “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) illegal aliens will instantly flip the number of US citizens under... Read more »

Majority Black US Capital a Poverty-Stricken, Crime-Ridden Center of anti-White Violence

The majority-black capital city of the United States, Washington DC, is a crime and poverty-stricken Third World ghetto in which a minority of whites live under anti-white race hate violence, an analysis... Read more »

California Reaches Nonwhite Tipping Point: Whites to Dwindle to Tiny Minority

California has officially reached its nonwhite tipping point, as from today, it has lost its white majority population status and by 2060, whites will form less than a third of the population,... Read more »

American Whites Leaving State Schooling System in Increasing Numbers

The dramatic Third Worldization of American society caused by the immigration invasion has resulted in a huge increase in white parents resorting to homeschooling rather than sending their children to lowered-standard Third... Read more »