Australia: Another 3 Muslims Arrested in 18th Major Terror Incident Since Nonwhite Invasion Stared

Another three Muslims have been arrested in Australia for plotting a terrorist attack in the eighteenth major terror incident since 2005, all directly linked to the establishment’s promotion of mass Third World... Read more »

US White Population Increases to All-Time High—But Declines as Percentage of Total Population

The number of whites in America has increased to an all-time high of 197 million people, an increase of 5.1 percent from 1990—but because of mass Third World immigration, their percentage of... Read more »

Video: The Face of London after 40 Years of Third World Immigration

This is the face of London, Britain, after 40 years of Third World immigration: a black thug armed with a jungle knife attacking a motorist in broad daylight in the suburb of... Read more »

“Skilled Third World Immigrants” Stealing Millions from US Taxpayers in Medicaid, Medicare Fraud

“Highly skilled” Third World immigrants—mostly claiming to be “healthcare professionals”—are stealing millions of dollars from US taxpayers through scams bilking the Medicaid and Medicare healthcare systems, a review of Department of Justice... Read more »

Australia: Tribalism Holds up Appointment of African Crime Taskforce

Disputes between tribesmen from the Nuer and Dinka tribes—originally from the Sudan and Ethiopia—have delayed the setting up of a special taskforce supposed to “deal” with the rampant African gang crime rampaging... Read more »

8.4 Million “Immigrants” to US, 2011-16

At 8.4 million “immigrants” settled in the US during 2015 and 2016, with 99.4 percent came from Third World countries, new data from the US Census Bureau has revealed. Read more »

Canada to Get 1 Million More Low IQ Third Worlders

Canada will take in at least another one million Third World immigrants over the next three years, that country’s Somali-born immigration minister Ahmed Hussen has announced, not mentioning that they will be... Read more »

UK Rewards 20,000 “ISIS Radicals” with Priority in Housing, Jobs

The British government is to reward up to 20,000 “radical Muslims” and ex-ISIS fighters who are “returning” from Syria and Iraq with welfare hand-outs, priority in housing, and jobs—putting them ahead of... Read more »

UPDATED: Melbourne Car Ramming Terrorist Claimed to be a “Muslim Kurd”

The perpetrator of the car ramming terrorist attack carried out in Melbourne, Australia, on Friday, January 20, claimed he was a "Muslim Kurd" on Facebook, but has now been positively identified... Read more »

Munich: Iranian Invader Terror Attack

Ali Sonboly, an 18-year-old Iranian invader living in Munich, has been identified as the gunman who killed at least ten people in Munich yesterday, with multiple reports claiming that he shouted “Allahu... Read more »

Trump: EU Must Halt Invasion

US presidential candidate Donald Trump has warned that Europe will be “unrecognizable” unless there are immediate curbs on the nonwhite invasion started by Angela Merkel. Speaking to the Times newspaper in London while... Read more »

Brexit: Real Change or Titanic Deck Chairs?

Today's knife-edge vote on British membership of the European Union is, if the controlled "out" tabloids are to be believed, all about "saving Britain." But is this really going to happen? Will... Read more »

FL Homo Shootings: “Hoist on own Petard”

The Afghanistan-origin of the gunman who killed more than 50 homosexuals and other sexual deviants at an Orlando, Florida nightclub last night, has highlighted the inherent contradictions of modern liberalism—and has hoist... Read more »

Obama Caused Illegal Crime Surge

Presidential Executive Orders issued by Barack Obama have directly led to a massive surge in illegal immigrant crime across the entire country, a Maryland Sheriff has told the House’s Judiciary’s Subcommittee on... Read more »

Belgium: Fear Cancels Leftist “March against Fear”

A liberal-organized “March against Fear” in Brussels scheduled for today was cancelled—because of security fears. The “March against Fear” was just one of the useless “protests” planned by those who do not understand... Read more »

400-Strong ISIS Attack Force

Officials from European and Iraqi intelligence services have revealed to the Associated Press (AP) that ISIS has already trained and deployed four hundred terrorists into Europe. A senior Iraqi intelligence official said people... Read more »

Brussels Bombings: Immigration and Terrorism

The promotion of nonwhite “immigration” into Europe is to blame for the latest terrorist bombings in Brussels, and such attacks will increase unless the Third World invasion is halted and reversed. The... Read more »

UK: Nigerian “Nurse” Fired after “Black Magic”

A Nigerian invader pretending to be a “nurse” in Britain has been struck off the medical register for smuggling another Nigerian woman into Britain to work as a sex slave under the... Read more »

Muslims Outbreeding Whites in Sydney

Legal immigration is allowing nonwhite Muslims from the Middle East to rapidly outbreed whites in the Australian city of Sydney, the state capital of New South Wales, a new fertility map survey... Read more »

Japan Refuses to be Invaded

The Japanese government—well aware of the dangers to their continued existence as a culture, civilization, and racial entity—have come down firmly against the liberal notion of “asylum seekers” and mass Third World... Read more »

London Crashing into Nonwhite Nightmare

The British capital city of London is rapidly crashing into a nightmare, filled with Third World criminals: Turkish gangsters, African crime gangs, Gypsy vagrants, Vietnamese and Caribbean drug dealers—and where white people... Read more »

Australia Terror Plot: 9 Muslims Charged

Nine Muslims in Australia have been charged after an intensive three-day set of raids and arrests by Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) police units working to prevent an attack on the Australian... Read more »

Paris Attacks and Third World Immigration

The insanity of allowing mass Third World immigration into Europe has been highlighted once again with the news that at least six of the eight Muslims who carried out the Paris terrorist... Read more »

London Local Election Results Show that Nonwhites Hate UKIP Despite Farage’s Multiracial Propaganda

Last Thursday's local election results in Britain—in which the UK Independence Party (UKIP) took at least 163 seats (up from two) and polled around 23 percent of the vote—have revealed that nonwhites... Read more »

Rigby Murderer “Ashamed to be British”—But is he Really British?

One of the black Muslim murderers of British soldier Lee Rigby—whose butchering was carried out in broad daylight on the streets of Third World-overrun London—told police during interrogation that he was “ashamed... Read more »

The Extermination of the White Race: 69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

Nearly 70 percent of all school children in Greater London are non-white, according to figures published by the UK’s Department for Education (DFE). The figures, which can be found on the DFE’s... Read more »