Invasion Caravan Rejects 10,000 Job Offers in Mexico, Demand that White America give them Money

The nonwhite invasion caravan bottled up at the Mexican border town of Tijuana have rejected an offer by the Mexican authorities to take up 10,000 job opportunities immediately available to them, and... Read more »

Low-IQ Mexican “Immigrants” Don’t Improve even after Three Generations in US, New Study Finds

Further proof that intelligence, social status, economic progress and social adaptability are inherent and unchangeable genetic attributes has come with the a new study that has found no appreciable difference in achievement... Read more »

Mass Nonwhite Invasion of America Continues: 50,975 “Border Apprehensions” in October

The mass nonwhite invasion of America continues apace as demonstrated by the news that the US Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) arrested 50,975 invaders crossing the border illegally in October 2018 alone—a... Read more »

Invasion Caravan Sets off from Mexico City on its Way to US Border

At least 4,000 nonwhite invaders have set off from Mexico City on their way north to demand that white taxpayers in America give them free accommodation, food, and money—all because they have... Read more »

No Asylum for Illegal Border Invaders, US Homeland Security Announces

Any person who illegally crosses the US border will automatically be disqualified from applying for asylum in America—a measure aimed at the invasion caravan which has now reached Mexico City. Read more »

US Midterms: Race-Blind Republicans Lose Control of House

Millions of first-time nonwhite voters in urban areas have ensured that the race-blind Republican Party—which still ignores the reality that whites are rapidly becoming a minority—has lost control of the House in... Read more »

Two Mile Stretch of “Trump Wall” Opened amid Vows to Stop Invasion Caravan entering US

A 30-foot fence high spanning two miles has been completed and officially opened on the US-Mexico border, sporting a plaque sporting President Donald Trump's name—as the Department of Homeland Security Chief has vowed... Read more »

Invasion Caravan Refuses Offer of “Asylum” in Mexico

The thousands of Central Americans making up the invasion caravan headed for the US border have refused “asylum” in Mexico offered by that country’s president, preferring instead to keep their sights firmly... Read more »

On Their Way North? Guatemala President: “We Have Arrested 100 ISIS Terrorists”

The president of Guatemala Jimmy Morales has announced that his country’s security forces have arrested at least 100 were illegal immigrant Middle Easterners linked to ISIS—an ominous development in light of the... Read more »

Thousands of Nonwhite Invaders Mass for New Invasion of America through Mexico

US President Donald Trump has threatened to call in the military and close the US-Mexico border as thousands of nonwhite invaders mass for a frontal attack on America's southern border. Read more »

US Gains 754,700 New Citizens in 2017—Majority from Mexico, India, and China

More than 754,700 immigrants became U.S. citizens during President Donald Trump's second year in office, the highest number since 2013—and the vast majority of them come from just three countries, Mexico, India,... Read more »

Canada: Somali Truck Ram Terrorist Crossed 11 Safe Countries and Jumped US Border

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif, the Somali “asylum seeker” who carried out the September 2017 truck-ram terrorist attack in the Canadian city of Edmonton, Alberta, crossed 11 safe countries—and was one of the US-Canada... Read more »

Chinaman Who “Served in US Army for Citizenship Program” Arrested for Spying

Yet another Chinese national who took part in the US Army’s “service for citizenship” program has been arrested on charges of spying for Red China, the Department of Justice has announced—adding to... Read more »

4.1 Million Fake Refugees Admitted to US Since 2001

At least 4.1 million nonwhites from “refugee-producing countries” have been given residence in the United States since 2001, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo has announced. Read more »

Third World Invasion of America: 13.7% of Population Born in Latin America, Asia and Africa

A report by the Center for Immigration Studies which analyzed new data from the US Census Bureau’s “2017 American Community Survey” (ACS) has showed that the nation’s immigrant population (legal and illegal) has... Read more »

Bangladeshi Invaders Thronging on US-Mexico Border; 300 Arrested this Year

More than 300 Bangladeshi invaders have been arrested by US Customs and Border Patrol officers in the Laredo sector on the US-Mexico border this year, a marked increase and an indication of... Read more »

California: Another Iraqi Fake Refugee Exposed as ISIS Murderer

Yet another Iraqi pretending to be a refugee—and who was granted “asylum” in the US—has been exposed as an ISIS murderer and is set to be deported back to his home country,... Read more »

Trump Administration Vows to Fight in Courts to End DACA

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has vowed that the Trump administration will pursue all “lawful measures”—that is, pursue it to the Supreme Court—to ensure that their plan to end the Deferred Action... Read more »

Trump Order to Stop “Separating Families” Gives Invaders Legal Status above that of US Citizens

US President Donald Trump’s about turn on the issue of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents while in detention has created a new set of legal battles which can... Read more »

US Now has more “Asylum” Requests than Germany as Invaders Discover the “Refugee” Scam

Nonwhites seeking to enter the United States have started to use the “refugee” scam—successfully used to invade Europe—to such an extent that the latest figures show that America is now the largest... Read more »

Nonwhite Criminal Gangs “Smuggled” 2.5 Million other Nonwhites Worldwide in 2016, says UN

Criminal nonwhite “smuggling” rings “smuggled” at least 2.5 million other nonwhites around the world in 2016, with the vast majority going to white countries, a new United Nations Office on Drugs and... Read more »

US Halts Fake Refugee “Domestic Violence” and “Gang Crime” Excuse Invasion

The Trump administration will stop granting “asylum” to invaders claiming that they have been “victims of domestic abuse” and “gang violence” in a ruling which is going to halt applications by tens... Read more »

Rural New York: Yemeni Fake Refugee Jailed for ISIS Support

Arafat M. Nagi, a Yemeni fake refugee, American citizen, and resident of Lackawanna, upstate New York, has been jailed for 15 years for providing support to ISIS—a direct product of the disastrous... Read more »

US Attorney General on Invader Parent/Child Separation: Same Law is Applied to Americans

Foreigners who break the law will be treated like US citizens who break the law—and that includes separating children from interned parents, which is the norm for American citizens, Attorney General Jeff... Read more »

Nonwhite Invader “Caravan” Storms US Border, Shouts of “Gracias, Mexico!”

The nonwhite invader caravan has reached and stormed the US border with Mexico, with hundreds brazenly climbing onto the fence, some lodging patently bogus “asylum” claims and many others just “vanishing”—all the... Read more »

Court Gives Trump 90 Days to Show Why Illegal DACA Invasion is Illegal

A Federal Court has given the Trump Administration 90 days to produce substantive evidence as to why the illegal Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is illegal, otherwise it will rescind... Read more »