“The Great Replacement” Means the Extermination of the White Race through Mass Immigration

The phrase “Great Replacement”—in the news following its use by New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant—means exactly that: the extermination of the white race in its historic homelands through mass Third World... Read more »

Melbourne, Australia: Africans Commit 128x More Violent Robberies, 68x More House Invasions

The African “refugee” invaders living in Melbourne Australia are responsible for 128 times more violent robberies and 68 times more house invasions than natives, an Australian newspaper has finally admitted, confirming that... Read more »

Number of Third World “Athletes” Attempting to Invade Australia after Commonwealth Games Reaches 100

The number of nonwhite “athletes” and “officials” from Third World countries who are attempting to invade Australia by “vanishing” after the Commonwealth Games in that nation is as high as 100, the... Read more »

Australia: Melbourne Residents “Installing Bollards on their Driveways” as Nonwhite Crime Plague Bites

Residents of Melbourne, Australia, have been forced to resort to anti-crime measures such as installing bollards on their driveways—to protect themselves from the rampant nonwhite crime sweeping the city, a direct result... Read more »

African Gangs Rampage Melbourne, say Police

Australian police have formally admitted that African immigrant gangs are rampaging through the city of Melbourne, causing destruction and chaos in a crime wave which is the direct result of the policy... Read more »

Afghan “Immigrant” Car Ram Attack in Australia

Yet another “car ram” attack in Australia—this time carried out by an Afghan living in that country—has taken place, highlighting once again the growing danger posed by mass Third World immigration to... Read more »

Manus Island Chaos Looms as Invader Camp Closes

Chaos is looming in the Papua New Guinea (PNG) Manus Island detention camp—built to house nonwhites who attempted to illegally invade Australia—as its closing day, October 31, approaches, with inmates barricading themselves... Read more »

Australia: 24,000 Invaders offered “Fast Track” Settlement

At least 24,000 Third Worlders who invaded Australia between August 2012 and December 2013 have been fast-tracked for “refugee” status by the government, it has emerged. The invaders have all been... Read more »

Africans Attack in Renewed Melbourne Violence

Dozens of members of the infamous Sudanese Apex gang rampaged through a crowd at a Melbourne, Australia, community festival, stealing cell phones, throwing rocks, and assaulting people watching a fireworks display—the latest... Read more »

6,000 Fake Refugees for Single Sydney Council

Another 3,000 fakers pretending to be refugees from Syria and Iraq will be resettled in just one Sydney council—Fairfield—this year, a figure which will mean that half of Australia’s entire “intake” will... Read more »

Hanson Won’t Go to Trump Inauguration

Australia’s famous One Nation party leader was not, as falsely claimed by the controlled media, issued a formal invitation to attend Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration, but was offered tickets by a party... Read more »

Australian Invader “Deal” Killed

Donald Trump’s election victory has killed any chance of the would-be invaders of Australia being moved to America, as planned by the Obama regime and the Australian government. News of the “deal”... Read more »

Manus Island Invaders to Be Deported

The refugee-fakers being held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), after unsuccessfully trying to invade Australia by boat, will all be deported back to their home countries within the next few... Read more »

WA Premier Offers to Host Manus Invaders

The “conservative” premier of Western Australia has offered to take in the 1,350 nonwhite invaders currently detained at the Manus detention center in Papua New Guinea, after it was announced that the... Read more »

Sydney: Fraud Swindle Linked to ISIS

Two Muslims have been charged with fraud and another two have been questioned in a $27 million Australian Federal Police (AFP) counterterrorism and fraud investigation. At least one of those arrested has... Read more »

Australia: “Refugees” Earn $50,000 pa

“Refugees” who con their way into Australia will earn a minimum of AUD $50,000 (US$38,362) per year without doing anything other than being there—and very likely substantially more depending upon how many... Read more »