Canada Has Deported 2,000 North Korean “Asylum Seekers” for Lying

The Canadian government—certainly one of the softest touches in the Western world for nonwhites making bogus “asylum” claims—has deported at least 2,000 North Koreans over the past four years for lying on... Read more »

Pakistani Muslims, Hungarian Gypsies, & “Bisex” Nigerians Given “Asylum” in Canada

Muslims who claim to be fleeing from Muslim Pakistan, Gypsies who claim to be fleeing from Hungary, and Nigerians who claim to be bisexual, are just some of the 90,000 fake refugees... Read more »

49,775 Fake Refugees Invader Canada in 2017

At least 49,775 nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” invaded Canada in 2017—including 20,593 whose applications for “asylum” are so weak that they knew they would never qualify in the US—who crossed the... Read more »

Canada: 45,785 “Asylum” Claims

The extent of the “asylum” scam in Canada has become apparent from the fact that that country has seen 45,785 “refugee” claims in the first 11 months of 2017—from over 120 countries,... Read more »

1,134 Fake Refugees Invade Canada from U.S.

At least 1,134 nonwhites pretending to be refugees invaded Canada from the U.S. during the first two months of this year, according to the first official figures released by the Canadian authorities.... Read more »

Mass Poverty in Calgary as Nonwhite Numbers Rocket

The huge increase in nonwhite numbers in Calgary, Canada, has caused the number of “underprivileged Muslim families” to reach 10,000, up from just 167 in 2007, according to the Muslim Families Network... Read more »

Mexican Invaders Flocking to Canada

There has been a 700 percent increase in bogus asylum claims from Mexicans in Canada during January 2017—even though there is absolutely no justification for Mexicans to claim asylum anywhere. According to... Read more »

Canada: Invaders “Can’t Be Deported”

Illegal invaders pretending to be refugees from 13 Third World states who cross into Canada from the U.S. cannot be deported, no matter how flimsy their “asylum” claims might be. According to... Read more »

“I Knew Trump Would Deport Me:” Invader Moves to Canada

Illegal invader Somali Bashir Yussuf —whose “asylum” application was so flagrantly bogus that it was rejected even under the pro-invasion Obama administration—has become the latest scrounger to cross the border into Canada,... Read more »

UPDATED: White Attacker Now “Only Suspect” in Canada Mosque Shooting

Quebec police have stated that a white man—named as Alexandre Bissonnette—is actually a suspect in the shooting at a Canadian mosque, and that the Moroccan who had earlier been reported as a... Read more »

Fake Refugee: How I Sailed to Canada

A fake refugee from Sri Lanka this week explained how he had captained a ship with 492 other swindlers in order to claim “asylum” in Canada—even though he and they had all... Read more »

Now Africans Invade Canada—from the US

Hundreds of Africans are illegally crossing the unprotected U.S.–Canadian border near Pembina, North Dakota—and claiming “asylum” in Canada, even though there is no reason to “flee” the U.S. Read more »

Canada: School “Refugee” Violence

Fake refugee children “resettled” in Nova Scotia, Canada, are carrying out vicious attacks upon fellow pupils—but the single local newspaper which reported the nonwhite violence has “withdrawn” its online article after an... Read more »