6.2 Million Nonwhites Have Demanded “Asylum” in Europe since January 2011

At least 6.2 million nonwhites pretending to be “refugees” have demanded that whites in Europe give them “asylum” since January 2011, a review of official statistics issued by the European Asylum Support... Read more »

Netherlands Bans Burqas, Officially Condemns South African “Land Reform”

The Netherlands—traditionally one of Western Europe’s more leftist societies— has this month officially banned the wearing of Muslim burqas in public and has passed a parliamentary motion officially condemning the plans by... Read more »

48,047 Nonwhite Invaders Land in Europe from January—July 2019

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees—but actually just fleeing their own self-created disasters and now seeking to parasite off whites in Europe—are targeting Spain and Greece once again according to new figures... Read more »

Hungary’s Top Diplomat: Illegal Immigration “Threatens European Civilization”

Illegal immigration is a threat to Europe’s future, its culture and civilization, Budapest's top diplomat and trade minister, Péter Szijjártó has told the Voice of America news service. Read more »

Netherlands’ Nonwhite Crime Wave: Invaders 47 Times More Likely than Dutch to be In Jail

Official statistics released by the Netherlands Government have revealed that nonwhites in that country are 47 times more likely to be in jail than native Dutch, are 29.5 times more likely to... Read more »

Italy: Media’s “Model” Town Which Welcomed Invaders Swings to Salvini

The town of Riace in southern Italy—which has, under its far-left mayor—been paraded as a “model” of integration and support for the African invasion of Europe—has voted in a new anti-invasion mayor... Read more »

Major Brussels Bus Station Closed after Nonwhite Invaders Cause Scabies, TB, and Malaria Outbreak

Buses will no longer stop at the Brussels North bus station, located just a few blocks away from the European Parliament, after nonwhite invaders—who have camped out illegally at the site—have caused... Read more »

Spain: 11 Bangladeshis Arrested Running Invasion Network from Indian Subcontinent to Europe via North Africa

Eleven Bangladeshis have been arrested by Spanish police in a swoop on a criminal organization which charged Indians, Pakistanis, Sri Lankans, and Bangladeshis €20,000 each to be transported from the Indian subcontinent... Read more »

56,976 Nonwhites Invade Europe in February 2019, Pretending to be “Refugees”

At least 56,976 nonwhites successfully invaded Europe during the 28 days of February 2019, all falsely claiming to be “refugees” despite none of them coming from a war zone, and crossing numerous... Read more »

France: Buildings in Marseille Literally Collapsing as a Result of Nonwhite Invasion

France’s third largest city, Marseille, is literally collapsing under the burden of the nonwhite invasion, with at least three buildings in the city center collapsing within the past six months due to... Read more »

Italy: African Invader Attempts to Murder 51 Italian Children on School Bus “In Protest against Mediterranean Drownings”

An African invader from Senegal who had been given a job as a school bus driver outside the northern Italian city of Milan today attempted to murder the 51 Italian school children... Read more »

“The Great Replacement” Means the Extermination of the White Race through Mass Immigration

The phrase “Great Replacement”—in the news following its use by New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant—means exactly that: the extermination of the white race in its historic homelands through mass Third World... Read more »

58,600 Fake Refugees in January 2019: Invasion Increases Despite EU’s Denials

At least 58,600 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Europe during January 2019, a 21 percent increase over the previous month, making a mockery of recent claims by Frans Timmermans,... Read more »

Europol: More than 10,000 “Refugee Children” Have Vanished after Invading Europe

At least 10,000—and likely many more—nonwhite invaders pretending to be “refugee children” have vanished without trace after invading Europe, according to statistics released by the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation... Read more »

Israel Pays Jews to Run All “Refugee Aid Centers” in Greece says Israeli Media

Jews—from Israel and America—are paid by the Israeli government to run almost all the “refugee aid centers” in Greece, directly boosting the nonwhite invasion of Europe, the Israeli media has admitted, while... Read more »

Oslo: Nonwhites Responsible for 70% of all Violent Crime in Norwegian Capital

Nonwhites are responsible for at least 70 percent of all the violent crime in Norway’s capital city of Oslo, that country’s TV 2 station has reported—and that “immigrants” make up 33 percent... Read more »

Italy’s Salvini Effect: 98% Drop in Invasion Figures Jan/Feb 2017–2019

The number of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees landing in Italy for the first two months of 2019 has dropped to 262—from the 13,446 in the same period in 2017, a... Read more »

German Intelligence Warns of “Extremely Brutal” Nigerian Mafia in Germany as Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has warned that country’s government in a leaked secret document about the growth of “"extremely brutal Nigerian organized crime” sweeping through Germany following the mass and... Read more »

Bosnia Warns: 70,000-Strong Invader Caravan Readies to Leave Greece for Western Europe

Bosnian Security Minister Dragan Mektic has issued a warning that about 70,000 nonwhite invaders currently camped out in Greece are preparing for a major assault on Western Europe via the Balkan Route. Read more »

Fake Refugee Nonwhite Invasion of Europe tops 7 Million since 2006

Over seven million nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees landed in Europe between 2006 and 2018—equivalent to a country the size of Bulgaria moving to western Europe, figures from the European Union’s... Read more »

Hungary: Government Announces New Plan to Pay Women to Have Children

The Hungarian government has announced a new plan to financially incentive Hungarian women to have more children as an answer to mass Third World immigration—with part of the plan being a move... Read more »

Germany: 20% of “Asylum” Applications in 2018 were Babies Born in that Country

At least 20 percent of the 185,853 asylum applications made by nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany during 2018 were lodged on behalf of babies born in that country... Read more »

Finland: 15 Nonwhite Invader-Refugees arrested in Sex Abuse Gang Investigation

Police in the Finnish town of Oulu have announced that they have uncovered a major sex abuse gang of nonwhite invader-refugees who raped and sexually abused a number of white girls under... Read more »

Last Fake Charity Invasion Taxi Ship Stops Operating in Mediterranean

The last fully operational fake charity invasion taxi ship, the Aquarius, has had its operations finally cancelled and there are no longer any major pro-invasion vessels picking up Africans off the Libyan... Read more »

Finland: Third World Invasion Brings Pedophile Refugee-Sex Attack Crime Wave, “Unseen in Country’s History”

At least ten nonwhite pedophile sex attackers—all “refugees” in Finland—have been arrested in the first major mass sex abuse case in what a senior police officer has described as the “most extremely... Read more »

EU Abandons “Compulsory Migrant Redistribution Plan” as Italy Moves to Expel Invaders

In a dramatic development in the ongoing mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the European Union has announced that it has abandoned its policy of “compulsory redistributing migrants” from Italy and Greece—just as... Read more »