At least 500,000 “family members” of the fake refugees claiming to be Syrians already in Germany are set to be given “family reunification rights” this coming year, raising the number of “Syrians” now living off the German welfare system to at least one million.

“Our commitment to the people of Germany is not unconstitutional,” the leader of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), Frank Franz, said in his reaction to the second failed attempt by the Stasi state to ban his party.

The German state’s hopes of banning the National Democratic Party appear to be fading as the Karlsruhe Constitutional Court nears its final ruling on January 17, liberal German media has admitted.

At least 1.17 million Third World invaders pretending to be refugees—a population twice the size of Luxembourg—invaded Germany in 2015 and 2016, official figures released by the government have revealed.

Third World invaders in Germany committed one crime every two minutes during the first nine months of 2016, including at least 366 murders/attempted murders, and 214,600 other serious crimes—or 32 crimes every hour, 787 per day, and 23,844 every month, an official police report has revealed.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany carried out at least 1,964 serious sex attacks in Germany during 2016, preying on 2,000 adults and 1,000 children, a new study by monitoring group XZ Einzefall has shown.

Yet another refugee-terrorist has been arrested in Germany for planning a series of car bombings in at least four European countries involving a plot to repaint at least eight vehicles to make them look like police patrol cars.

Third World invaders posing as refugees celebrated the New Year in the German city of Dortmund by gathering in their thousands, attacking police, chanting “Allahu Akbar,” and setting fire to the 800-year-old Church of St. Reinold.

At least 129 nonwhites posing as refugees were arrested across Germany over New Year’s Eve as a massive German police presence struggled to contain thousands of invaders who converged on the streets of major cities.

A Pakistani invader pretending to be a refugee in Berlin, Germany, has told a court that he carried out a rape and five other sex attacks on German women because “as a refugee, it is hard to get a girlfriend.”

Less than 1.2 percent of all the estimated 1.5 million Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany have any sort of full-time work after nearly two years in the country, new statistics have shown.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 142,500 serious crimes in the first six months of 2016—a rate of 23,750 per month, 780 per day, or 32.5 per hour. These crimes included at least 201 murders and attempted murders. The report also revealed that there were now a total of 1,314,158 officially registered “asylum seekers” in Germany.

Four recent brutal sex attacks by fake refugees in Europe—three in Germany, and one in Sweden—have again drawn attention to the ongoing invader rape plague which the nonwhite invasion has created.
The attacks—on a 19-year-old German girl, two Chinese students, and the gang rape of a 14-year-old boy—have been deliberately downplayed by the controlled media.

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany get more money in welfare and benefits than an average German working family earns. Official figures show that the average monthly take home wage for a German family is €2,147, while an invader family gets payments and benefits to the value of €2,583 per month.

The liberal claim that Third World immigration is needed to “boost Europe’s labor force” has been exposed once again as a lie with the news that none of the 50,000 officially recognized “asylum seekers” in the German state of North Rhine Westphalia are working, and all are living on welfare. The Deutsche Welle (DW) news service has admitted that “there is little demand for these would-be-employees in Germany’s most populous state.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s new claim that she will deport “100,000 failed asylum seekers” is a trick made up to try and stifle opposition to her policies—because there are already 550,000 “rejected asylum seekers” in Germany, and in total over 1.8 million invaders have been let in over a two-year period.

The western German city of Bad Godesburg—located on the Rhine River—is now so overrun with Muslims that local schools are trying to implement “anti-radicalization” policies to stop their students from supporting ISIS-aligned ideologies. The efforts are, of course, hopeless, as proven by their total failure elsewhere in Europe, but race-denying liberals refuse to face this reality.

Angela Merkel—the Syrian baby named after the German chancellor—who was born in Germany after her parents arrived in that country pretending to be refugees, has been denied “full asylum.” The family has been denied “full asylum” because they passed through a safe third country—Turkey—on their way to Germany.

Violent attacks on personnel, robberies, and fraud have forced DHL Express to halt all deliveries in the invader-overrun region of Wedding, north-west Berlin, a statement from the company has announced. Wedding has a “German-origin” population of only 50 percent, with the rest being made up of Africans, Turks, Arabs, Asians, and Eastern European gypsies.

A German High Court has ruled that “Syrians” are not entitled to “full asylum” because there is no evidence that the Syrian government persecutes them. The ruling is highly significant because it proves that there is no reason for any Syrians to claim asylum in Europe at all, because it is safe for them to live in the government-controlled parts of Syria.