40% of all Welfare Claimants in Germany are Nonwhite Invader “Refugees”

At least 40% of all welfare claimants in Germany are nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees—costing German taxpayers over €4 billion every month to support at least 2.7 million spongers, new official... Read more »

The War for Germany Continues: 609 “Attacks” on Invaders Jan.-Jun. 2019

There have been 609 “attacks”—including “insults, arson or incitement”—on nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany in the first six months of 2019, according to new figures released by the Federal... Read more »

Germany: New Official Figures Show 3.12 Million “Asylum Seekers”

Official figures released by the German government have revealed that there are 3.12 million “asylum seekers” currently living in Germany—substantially more than the “one million” often claimed by the controlled media and... Read more »

Chemnitz, Germany: Invader-“Refugee” Convicted of Murder that Sparked Protests

A fake refugee from Syria living off German taxpayers in the city of Chemnitz has been convicted of a 2016 murder in the city—an attack which sparked off major protests against the... Read more »

Germany: Pro-Third World Invasion Christian Churches Face Half-Million Loss in Members

The fanatically pro-Third World invasion Christian churches in Germany—both Catholic and Protestant—have experienced a nearly half-million drop in officially registered members in 2018, the largest in recorded history. Read more »

Germany: Invaders Being Given Lessons on “Difference between Rape and Sex”

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany are being given “cultural adaption” classes in order to “teach” them the difference between having consensual sex and outright rape, it has emerged. Read more »

German Resistance to Third World Invasion at All-Time High: Invader Centers Attacked Every 2 Days

Violent white German resistance to the Third World invasion of that country is at an all-time high, and invader centers are being attacked at the rate of one every two days, according... Read more »

African Invaders Fight German Police over Body in “Asylum Center” in Bavaria

Police officers were bombarded with glass bottles and stones after African invaders pretending to be asylum seekers refused to let authorities remove the dead body of a female Nigerian in a Regensburg,... Read more »

0.09% of Syrian “Refugees” Have “Returned Home” from Germany, and 76% are Still on Welfare

Only 742—or 0.09 percent—of the more than 780,000 Syrians who officially claimed “asylum” in Germany since 2015 have taken up the German government’s offer of a subsidized return to their homeland now... Read more »

“The New Germans”: AfD Forms “Immigrant Supporters’ Group”

The Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) party in Germany has formed a “Die Neudeutschen" (The New Germans) group comprised of immigrants and homosexuals which they say will “combat their xenophobic... Read more »

Refugee-Rapist-Murderer Fled back to Iraq from Germany, Revealing Extent of Asylum” Hoax

An Iraqi who claimed to be a “refugee” in Germany and said that he fled “for fear of his life” fled back to his home country after raping and murdering a 14-year-old... Read more »

185,853 Fake Refugees Invade Germany in 2018: Only 26,114 Deported

Only 26,114 rejected “asylum applicants” were successfully deported from Germany back to their home countries in 2018—while at the same time, another 185,853 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees entered Germany in... Read more »

German Intelligence Warns of “Extremely Brutal” Nigerian Mafia in Germany as Fake Refugee Invasion Continues

The German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) has warned that country’s government in a leaked secret document about the growth of “"extremely brutal Nigerian organized crime” sweeping through Germany following the mass and... Read more »

Germany: Jewish Central Council Demands “More Integration Classes” for Nonwhite Invaders

Germany’s Central Council of Jews (Zentralrat der Juden)—the official body representing Jews in that country—has demanded that the government provide even more “integration classes” for the mass of Muslim invaders in order... Read more »

AFD Now Germany’s “Second Largest Party,” Says Latest Poll

The populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party is now Germany’s second largest party, displacing the Social Democratic Party (SPD) from that position for the first time since the founding of the modern... Read more »

German Resistance Fighter Gets 9 Years for Mosque Bombing

A German resistance fighter, named only as Nino K., who bombed a Dresden mosque in 2016 was yesterday sentenced to nine years and eight months in jail by a German court. Read more »

Germany: Refugee Attackers Stabbed Chemnitz Victim 25 Times in Slaughter, Reveals AfD Parliamentarian

The man murdered by two fake refugees in Chemnitz last week was stabbed 25 times in a “slaughter” and was killed directly as a result of the illegal mass invasion of Germany... Read more »

Chemnitz: Germans Attack Nonwhite Invaders after “Refugees” Carry out yet another Murder

Thousands of police have been deployed in the streets of the east German city of Chemnitz after huge crowds of angry Germans gathered to protest against—and attack—nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees... Read more »

Merkel Backs Down over Internal Party “Dispute” to Stay in Power

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has backed down in her election-engineered fake “dispute” with her Bavarian coalition party partner in order to stay in power, agreeing to the building of “transit centers” on... Read more »

Merkel Buys another Two Weeks of Political Life

German Chancellor Angela Merkel reached a last-minute compromise to grant her another two-week extension to save her ruling coalition—and her own political career—this week, by persuading Interior Minister Horst Seehofer to agree... Read more »

German “Democracy”: AfD Leader Charged for Anti-Nazi Remarks in Name of “Tolerance”

The distorted nature of modern German “democracy” has been illustrated once again with the news that Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) leader Alexander Gauland has been charged with “inciting hatred” because he referred... Read more »

Germany: “Refugees” Commit 1,578 Crimes Every Day, Police Chief Admits

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany are responsible for ten percent of all the crime committed in that country, which works out to 1,578 criminal acts every day—more than double... Read more »

Germany: 91%—or 1.98 million—“Refugees” Still on Welfare, Three Years later

Claims that the mass influx of nonwhites pretending to be refugees into Germany would “boost the economy” have been disproven yet again with a new official report admitting that 91 percent of... Read more »

Germany: 458 “Refugees” Arrested Every Day for Serious Crimes, incl. 267 Murders

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 457 crimes every day in 2017, including at least 267 murders—of which half of the victims were Germans—according to official figures released by... Read more »

Germany: Violent African Invader Mob Prevents Deportation Action

There are now so many violent Africans in Germany that they are able to prevent the deportation of nonwhites with patently bogus “asylum seeker” claims from that country by simply using violence... Read more »

Germany: Chief Jew Who Welcomed “Refugee” Invasion Now Warns Jews about Arab Attacks

Josef Schuster, the head of the Central Council of Jews of Germany, has warned Jews in that country not to wear yarmulkes in public for fear of being attacked by Muslim “refugees”—even... Read more »