Germany: Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Armenia and Georgia “Safe”

The German government has formally declared Armenia and Georgia “safe” countries of origin, adding to the already existing list of Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria—allowing for invaders from those nations to be more quickly... Read more »

German Resistance Continues: 6 Attacks per Day on Invader Centers in 2017

There were 2,219 attacks upon invader centers in Germany during 2017, an average of six per day, in which at least 300 invaders were injured, figures released by the Interior Ministry have... Read more »

Duisberg, Germany: Emergency as Invader Gangs Fight in City Center

City authorities in Duisberg, Germany, were forced to declare a state of emergency this week in order to bring a mass street brawl involving Kurds, Lebanese, and Turks under control after gangs... Read more »

Germany: Invader-“Refugee” Violence Wave against Hospital Staff

Doctors and nurses at hospitals in Bielefeld, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, have broken their silence on the wave of mass attacks upon them being committed by nonwhite invaders pretending to be immigrants who... Read more »

“Unaccompanied Minor” Invaders Cost German Taxpayers $3.5 billion (€2.8 bn) Per Year

The 56,758 Third World invaders claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” currently living in Germany cost that country’s taxpayers a minimum of €2.8 billion (or US $3.5 billion) every year—more money than America... Read more »

Germany: Town Bans “New Refugees” as Violent Clashes Break Out between Invaders and Germans

Following an increasing number of physical clashes between nonwhite invaders and Germans in two German cities, one of the affected towns, Cottbus in Brandenburg, has banned all “new refugees” from being “settled”... Read more »

Germany: 300,000 Invader “Family Visas” Issued

The German government is currently preparing nearly one third of a million “family visas” for the immediate families of Third World invaders given “asylum” in that country—and this is just the start... Read more »

“Refugees” Deported if “Anti-Semitic”

The German government has announced that any “asylum seeker” in Germany who is “anti-Semitic” will be deported back home—something that would be impossible if they were genuine “refugees” and which therefore exposes... Read more »

Germany: “Refugees” Cause 92% Crime Increase

92 percent of the massive increase in crime in Germany has been committed by the nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who poured into Germany after 2015, official German government figures have... Read more »

Germany: New Year Invader Sex Attacks

Numerous “asylum seekers” from Syria and Afghanistan have been arrested in Berlin and Cologne following renewed sex attacks in those cities over the New Year celebrations, German police have confirmed. Read more »

Germany: 95% of “Refugees” Not Working

More than 95 percent of all the Third World invaders claiming to be refugees in Germany remain unemployed and drawing welfare, while most of those who are employed are in state-subsidized “apprenticeships”... Read more »

Official: 75% of Berlin Criminals are Arabs

At least 75 percent—and likely much more—of all criminals in the German capital of Berlin are Arab “immigrants” and their German-born descendants, new official figures have shown. The statistics, contained in a... Read more »

6 “Refugees”Arrested for Xmas Plot

Six more nonwhite terrorists—who were given residence in Germany as “refugees” during the mass invasion of Europe in 2015 and 2016—have been arrested after police cracked yet another planned Islamist terrorist attack... Read more »

Merkel Stumbles—Thanks to AfD

The sudden collapse of German government coalition talks over the weekend—which might cause Angela Merkel’s downfall—is entirely due to the fact that the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party took at least 40... Read more »

Syrian Refugee-Terrorist Arrested in Germany, Planned Bombing

Yet another Syrian pretending to be a “refugee” has been arrested in Germany this week, this time in the city of Schwerin in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. According to German media reports,... Read more »

German Govt. Ignored Invaders’ Fake Passports

The German government ignored the fact that thousands of nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees used fake passports to gain entry to the country, refused to prosecute them, and still gave them... Read more »

New Year’s Eve Sex Attacks in Germany

At least 129 nonwhites posing as refugees were arrested across Germany over New Year’s Eve as a massive German police presence struggled to contain thousands of invaders who converged on the streets... Read more »

Germany: Invader Crime Details

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany committed 142,500 serious crimes in the first six months of 2016—a rate of 23,750 per month, 780 per day, or 32.5 per hour.... Read more »

Invader Rape Rampage Unabated

Four recent brutal sex attacks by fake refugees in Europe—three in Germany, and one in Sweden—have again drawn attention to the ongoing invader rape plague which the nonwhite invasion has created. The attacks—on... Read more »

Invaders Paid More than Workers

Third World invaders pretending to be refugees in Germany get more money in welfare and benefits than an average German working family earns. Official figures show that the average monthly take home... Read more »