Second Group of Fake “Refugees” Leaves Manus Island for US

A second group of 58 nonwhite invaders pretending to be “refugees” have departed Australia’s offshore detention centres for the US, joining the first group of 54 who have been rewarded for their... Read more »

Ireland: Muslim “Asylum Seeker” Stabbing Attack

Mohamed Morei (18), an Egyptian invader in Ireland pretending to be an “asylum seeker” will appear in court at Dublin court on Thursday January 11, charged with murder after carrying out a... Read more »

UK: 4 More Muslims Arrested for Xmas Terror

Four more Muslims in Britain have been arrested by British Police in dawn raids after an “intelligence-led” investigation into a Christmas terror attack plan, the authorities have announced. The arrests are the... Read more »

Australia Says “No” to NZ Offer to Take Manus Invaders

The Australian government has formally turned down an official offer from the far-left New Zealand government to “take in” at least 150 of the nonwhite invaders currently blockading themselves in the close... Read more »

“Hundreds” of Invaders Have Crossed into Canada

The number of Third World fake asylum seekers—who know they have no chance of convincing the Trump administration that they are genuine—illegally entering Canada has now reached “hundreds,” according to official records. Read more »

Japan Accepts 0.25% of Fake Refugees

Japan has accepted just 28 out of 10,901 Third World scroungers pretending to be refugees, according to figures published by that country’s Ministry of Justice. Read more »

Iran to Accept “Voluntary Returnees”

Iran will only accept the “voluntary” returns of its nationals who have sought “asylum” elsewhere, and will not take back any forced deportations. Read more »

Manus Island Closure Crisis

The invader center set up by the Australian government at Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG), is to be closed after that country’s Supreme Court ruled it to be illegal. The center’s closure... Read more »

Australia: 28,290 Invaders “Unprocessed”

Some 28,290 nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees who entered Australia prior to 2010 have still not been “processed,” it has emerged. According to a report by Radio Australia, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton... Read more »

Israel Builds Fence against “Wild Beasts”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has announced his intention to “surround all of Israel with a fence” to protect the Jewish state from Arab “wild beasts,”—while at the same time providing cash... Read more »

35 Attacks on Invader Centers in Germany

German patriots have already carried out thirty-five attacks on invader centers this year—a record-setting number of incidents which indicates the level of popular resistance to Merkel’s “refugee” policy. The attacks are rarely... Read more »

Swedes Fail to Mix Invaders with Old People

In yet another astounding display of Swedish liberal madness, the mayor of the town of Vimmerby has been forced to announce that his policy of placing “unaccompanied minor” refugee-invaders in spare rooms... Read more »

Istanbul Bomber was Registered “Refugee”

The ISIS suicide bomber who killed ten tourists by blowing himself up in Istanbul on January 12 was a Syrian national, born in Saudi Arabia, who recently appealed to a district directorate... Read more »

Sweden: One More Invader Center Burns

Swedish patriots have burned down yet another planned invader center, this time in Skåne Ekeby near Bjuv, in the south of the country. According to a police spokesman, the set of buildings... Read more »

Slovakia Files Suit at the European Court

In yet another severe blow to European Union unity, the government of Slovakia today made good on its promise to file a lawsuit against that organization’s leaders—saying that its demand that nonwhite... Read more »

The Most Criminal Street in Germany

Nonwhite invaders have turned a 0.8 mile-long stretch of road in Leipzig into what even the controlled media in that country calls the “most criminal street in Germany.” The Eisenbahnstrasse in east... Read more »

Flemish Militants Protest Invasion

A group of fifteen militant activists from the NAG Voorpost organization in Flanders have continued their protest campaign against the nonwhite invasion of Europe by symbolically occupying a building set to house... Read more »

Islamist Hatred on Open Display in Istanbul

The underlying Islamist hatred of Europe was on open display yesterday as thousands of Turks at one of Istanbul’s largest football stadiums chanted “Allahu Akbar” and booed during a one minute’s silence... Read more »

UK “Asylum Seeker” Jailed for Terror

A Muslim imam “asylum seeker” living in North Wales, Britain, was jailed this week for six years after being found guilty of a terror plot involving an £18.6 million ($28.6 million) arms... Read more »

Austrian Editor Fired for Telling Truth

The Styrian editor of Austria’s largest daily newspaper, Die Krone, has been fired after breaking ranks with the controlled media and admitting the truth about the rampant criminality, filth, and Third Word... Read more »

1500 Invaders to be Dumped in Village of 60

Another dramatic example of genocide which Angela Merkel’s government is committing against the German people has come to light with the news that at least 1500 nonwhite invaders are to be dumped... Read more »

US Poverty Linked to Nonwhite Population Proportion

New US Census Bureau figures on poverty in America have confirmed that the flood of nonwhite invaders in that nation have not increased the economic well-being of the country, but have instead... Read more »