SA: “Whites Stole Aircraft”

Ex-pilots—and by implication whites—have “stolen” aircraft from the South African Air Force (SAAF), and this is why there are not enough aircraft to train new pilots, that country’s Minister of Defense has... Read more »

Nonwhite World Dominates Official “Failed States” List

Nonwhite countries dominate the official Foreign Policy magazine’s 2013 list of “Failed States” once again, underlying the primary link between race and standards of development. The list of failed states, issued each... Read more »

It Is Colonialist Racism to Force First World Standards onto the Third World

The overthrow of the first democratically elected Egyptian government in a military coup just a year after taking office has once again illustrated the reality that it is little short of colonialist... Read more »

Will the “Developing World” Ever Develop?

It is one of the liberal media’s favorite code phrases: “developing world” or “developing nation”—by which they actually mean a perpetually retarded Third World nation that, despite massive foreign aid, has been... Read more »

But Why Is There No “Opportunity for a House” in Guatemala?

The large rally today by illegal “immigrants” (who are actually law-breaking invaders) in Washington DC today was gushingly reported by the Associated Press as a “long and arduous journey from Guatemala to... Read more »

Detroit “Turnaround” off to Inauspicious Start

Despite a city deficit of $327 million and long-term liabilities of more than $14 billion, the first act of the black “turnaround specialist” brought in by desperate white liberal Michigan governor Rick... Read more »