Trannies Furious as Research Paper Republished Showing Social Media Hysteria Spreads “Transgender” Nonsense

A research paper from an Assistant Professor at Brown University which showed that social media is influencing young children to become “transgenders” to be like their friends in a form of mass... Read more »

Police State Britain: Women Arrested for Calling Trannies “He” on Twitter

While Britain stumbles from one meaningless Monty Python-type “Brexit” disaster to another, that country’s finest have been busy arresting two women in separate incidents for the crime of having called a trannie... Read more »

Trannie Invasion Arrives at US Southern Border

The latest addition to the tidal wave of nonwhites demanding “asylum” in America is a group of at least 15 claiming to be homos or trannies—even though some have children—and whining that... Read more »

Feminists, Lesbians, say Trannies are “Men’s Rights” Movement

Infighting in the “gender studies” madhouse has reached a new peak with the frontal attack on “transsexuals” by radical feminists and lesbians as a “men’s rights movement” at the meeting of the... Read more »

US Supreme Court Ruling on US Army Trannies will Impact all Lower Court Hold Orders against Trump Policies

The US Supreme Court’s decision to upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on trannies serving in the American army is the first indication that that court will no longer tolerate lower courts... Read more »