Trannies Furious as Research Paper Republished Showing Social Media Hysteria Spreads “Transgender” Nonsense

A research paper from an Assistant Professor at Brown University which showed that social media is influencing young children to become “transgenders” to be like their friends in a form of mass... Read more »

Police State Britain: Women Arrested for Calling Trannies “He” on Twitter

While Britain stumbles from one meaningless Monty Python-type “Brexit” disaster to another, that country’s finest have been busy arresting two women in separate incidents for the crime of having called a trannie... Read more »

Hungary, Poland, Veto EU’s Homo and Trannie Propaganda

Hungary and Poland were the only European nations to vote against a Council of the European Union motion demanding “safe internet space” for homosexuals and mentally-ill “transgenders” at yesterday’s Council meeting, forcing... Read more »

Mental Illness Spreads: “Vagina Monologues” Cancelled at Michigan College “Because not all Women have Vaginas”

The infamous feminist drivel known as the “Vagina Monologues” has had its performance at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) cancelled because it excludes those mentally ill men who have had their penises cut... Read more »

Lesbian Crackpots Attack “Transgender” Crazies at London Homo March

Lesbian feminist crackpots provided great entertainment this past weekend when they dominated the annual London homo march by protesting against “transgender” crazies—who, the lesbians said, are just men pretending to be women... Read more »

Thousands of Pro-Normal Family Marchers Swamp Bulgarian Cities in “Family Crusade” Day

Thousands of supporters of normal marriages between men and women and the traditional family gathered for marches and demonstrations in the five largest Bulgarian cities against twisted “gender politics” during a “Family... Read more »

“Transgender” is a Mental Illness and Should be Treated as such: FormerJohns Hopkins Chief Psychiatrist

The “transgender” craze currently being promoted by the controlled mass media as “the next civil rights frontier” is in fact a mental illness and its promotion is aiding and abetting mental disorders,... Read more »