The “progressive” women’s movement behind the recent “women’s marches” has been thrown into a self-inflicted conundrum after being accused of “isolating the transgender community” by placing emphasis on having a vagina as being crucial to being a female.

Male and female behavioral patterns are biological in origin and the “gender neutral” fad is futile against this reality, Debra W. Soh, a sexual neuroscientist at York University in Toronto and writer has said.

The nation of Belarus has been named as the leader of a group of 17 countries which has blocked a plan to force the promotion of homosexuals, lesbians, and mentally ill “transgender” individuals in a “new urban strategy” drawn up by the United Nations.

A judge in Texas has halted the “transgender bathroom” order from being enforced in that state, setting a precedent which could overturn the Obama-enforced madness on a national scale. U.S. District Judge Reed O’Connor said in his ruling that the order violated the privacy rights of all children to use bathrooms restricted to their own biological sex.

The controlled media-promoted “transgender” craze is—predictably—spreading with the first US court order officially allowing a male to change his registered sex to “nonbinary.”
A county circuit court judge in Multnomah County, Oregon, has granted a petition from a man, who claims to be a woman, to change his official sex designation from “female” to “nonbinary.”

The Afghanistan-origin of the gunman who killed more than 50 homosexuals and other sexual deviants at an Orlando, Florida nightclub last night, has highlighted the inherent contradictions of modern liberalism—and has hoist the pro-immigration, pro-homosexual establishment on its own petard. The Islamic shooter, named as Omar Mateen, 29, was born in the US in 1986, and is an American citizen. His parents were “refugees” from Afghanistan.

The US Department of Justice has issued a directive forcing all public schools in America to cater to the demands of mentally ill “transgenders”—people born of one biological sex who imagine themselves to be another sex—or face losing federal funding. The DOJ has demanded that schools grant “transgender” access to all restrooms, sports, and accommodation facilities.

The American Family Association (AFA) has revealed Paypal’s hypocrisy in boycotting the state of North Carolina over that state’s refusal to allow mentally-ill “transgenders” to use opposite sex bathrooms—even though the Internet company runs a global operations center in Malaysia where homosexuals are publicly whipped and jailed.

The arrest of yet another “transgender” sex-offender—this time in a women’s bathroom in Calhoun, Georgia—has highlighted the ongoing insanity of allowing these mentally ill people to use facilities not meant for their biologically-determined sex. The “transgender” offender was charged with public indecency after taking his clothes off in front of children in the women’s restroom.

The “transgender” mental illness currently favored by the establishment and pushed by the controlled media is exceptionally dangerous for children, is child abuse, and must be stopped, the American College of Pediatricians (ACP) has announced. The ACP has called on all educators and legislators to definitively reject the “transgender” madness once and for all.

Bowing to the ridiculous demands made by “transgender” activists for men who have had their penises and testicles cut off to be recognized as “women,” has resulted in the International…

Two mentally ill men who walk around pretending to be women have become two of the more prominent “refugee”-sex attack victims in Germany—as the invaders tried to stone them to…