Trump: If Illegals Unhappy with Border Conditions, then Don’t Come to US

US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims of “poor conditions” for nonwhite invaders being held at the US’s southern border by saying on Twitter that if they are so unhappy with their... Read more »

US Justice Department: “We’ll Investigate Tech Giants for Stifling Social Media Free Speech”

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has announced that he will meet with a number of State attorneys general this month to “discuss a growing concern” that social media tech companies may be “intentionally stifling” the... Read more »

Twitter Loses First Round in Freedom of Speech Case with American Renaissance

Social media giant Twitter has lost the first stage of its censorship war with the pro-white American Renaissance organization after unilaterally its account and that of its leader, Jared Taylor. Read more »

Hitler-Supporting AI Bot Nixed

An experiment by Microsoft to launch an artificial intelligence (AI) Twitter bot has been hastily withdrawn after it took less than a day to turn into a Hitler-supporting, holocaust-denying, and highly racially... Read more »