Britain’s UKIP in Meltdown; Beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party in Important By-Election

The Monster Raving Loony Party—Britain’s notorious joke party—beat the famous pro-Brexit UKIP in yesterday’s by-election, in a swing which saw the pro-Remain parties cut Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s majority in parliament to... Read more »

UK: Idiot Politician Bunfight over EU Nonsense, Ignore Nonwhite Immigrant Tsunami

British politicians are continuing their idiotic and pointless bunfight over membership of the European Union—to the point where the government is in a serious crisis and could even collapse—while the real threat... Read more »

UK: Farage Attacked for Mentioning Jewish Lobby

The former leader of Britain’s UKIP party, Nigel Farage, is under fire from the Jewish lobby in that country after daring to mention the Jewish lobby in America on his radio talk... Read more »

Brexit: Implications for Europe and the UK

Victory by the “leave” campaign in Britain’s European Union membership referendum is a decisive rejection of Angela Merkel’s “asylum” invasion of Europe, and of EU interference in UK national politics—and could easily... Read more »

Not Pro-Jewish Enough: British UKIP Falls Foul of Jewish Supremacists

Despite having Jewish Members of the European Parliament, a “UKIP Friends of Israel” committee and its leader openly declaring his unconditional support for Israel, Britain’s UKIP party is now coming under open... Read more »

London Local Election Results Show that Nonwhites Hate UKIP Despite Farage’s Multiracial Propaganda

Last Thursday's local election results in Britain—in which the UK Independence Party (UKIP) took at least 163 seats (up from two) and polled around 23 percent of the vote—have revealed that nonwhites... Read more »