EU to Lift Sanctions against Belarus

The European Union will lift nearly all of its sanctions against Belarus, saying Minsk has managed to “improve its human rights record.” The EU said in a statement on Thursday that it... Read more »

White Refugees not Allowed in Germany

Genuine war refugees fleeing the conflict in the Ukraine have been denied asylum in Germany in 95 percent of cases (and will, from now on, all be refused that status)—while Angela Merkel’s... Read more »

6,000-Year-Old Ukraine Temple Discovered

The unearthing of a 6,000-year-old massive temple complex in central Ukraine has offered a rare glimpse into everyday life of the Indo-European people at about the time of their first major invasions... Read more »

Ukrainian Nationalists Vow to Step up Pressure after Prime Minister Resigns

The resignation of the Ukrainian Prime Minister and the revocation of the anti-democratic laws recently passed by that nation’s government are just the “first step to reducing the degree of tension” in... Read more »