“Unaccompanied Minor” Invaders Cost German Taxpayers $3.5 billion (€2.8 bn) Per Year

The 56,758 Third World invaders claiming to be “unaccompanied minors” currently living in Germany cost that country’s taxpayers a minimum of €2.8 billion (or US $3.5 billion) every year—more money than America... Read more »

8,991 Invader “Minors” Vanish in Germany

At least 8,991 nonwhite invaders in Germany who claimed to be minors have “vanished” since January this year, police have admitted—more than twice as many as all of last year. Most of... Read more »

200,000 “Children” Invade Germany

No less than 77,600 nonwhite “minors and adolescents” invaded Germany last year, and at least 42,300 of them arrived without any parents, according to new figures from the Federal Statistics Office (Destatis).... Read more »

Beheadings: “Unaccompanied Minors” invasion

The “unaccompanied minors” who have surged over the US-Mexico border have been identified as the cause of a 160 percent increase in nonwhite gang crimes in the Washington DC area, official figures... Read more »

New Mass Nonwhite Sex Attack in Sweden

A new mass nonwhite sex attack on white girls has taken place at two open air music festivals in Sweden this weekend—but so far only one Swedish newspaper has dared to report... Read more »

Invasion of US up 131%

The illegal nonwhite invasion of the US through Mexico has continued unabated in 2016, with a 131 percent increase over the previous year, new figures from the US Customs and Border Protection... Read more »

“Child Migrants” Linked to DC Murders

Three nonwhites who entered the US illegally in 2013 as “unaccompanied minors” have been arrested in connection with a series of brutal MS-13 gang murders in the Washington DC area. The three “minors”—who... Read more »

Swedes Fail to Mix Invaders with Old People

In yet another astounding display of Swedish liberal madness, the mayor of the town of Vimmerby has been forced to announce that his policy of placing “unaccompanied minor” refugee-invaders in spare rooms... Read more »