22m Gov. vs 12m Manufacturing Jobs

There are now over 22 million government employees in America—as opposed to just over 12 million manufacturing jobs—a stark revelation of the globalist ruination of that country. The government employees exceed the... Read more »

Canada: Immigration and Unemployment

Even though there are 1.3 million unemployed people in Canada, that country’s government has announced that it seeks a further 300,000 “immigrants” into the country next year. Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister... Read more »

Germany: “Only 2% of Invaders Will Work”

Only two percent—or one in fifty—nonwhite invaders who have entered Germany over the past few months stands any hope of getting work, and this will seriously aggravate the unemployment problem there, according... Read more »

Crisis in Europe as Unemployment Tops 19.3 Million

The European Union has betrayed Europeans, sold out to mass immigration and is in a crisis akin to a “coma” as unemployment topped a record 19.3 million in May, Austrian Freedom Party... Read more »