Trump: If Illegals Unhappy with Border Conditions, then Don’t Come to US

US President Donald Trump has dismissed claims of “poor conditions” for nonwhite invaders being held at the US’s southern border by saying on Twitter that if they are so unhappy with their... Read more »

The Deportee Who Won’t Go Away

The porous nature of America’s borders and its broken immigration control system has been demonstrated once again with the news that a four-times deported illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic has been... Read more »

Invasion of US up 131%

The illegal nonwhite invasion of the US through Mexico has continued unabated in 2016, with a 131 percent increase over the previous year, new figures from the US Customs and Border Protection... Read more »

Latino Invasion Set for New Record

More than 17,000 “unaccompanied alien minors” had invaded the US over the Mexican border in the past few months, and the number of “family units” has increased to 21,000, the US House... Read more »

US Govt. Has “Bypassed US Immigration Law”

Government agencies have bypassed US immigration law with arbitrary policies which encourage the invasion from Mexico to such an extent that America may as well “abolish immigration laws altogether,” the president of... Read more »

50,000+ Cubans Rush into US

More than 50,000 Cubans have been airlifted and bused into the US from all over Central America over the last few months, driven by an anticipation that Washington may soon halt the... Read more »