22m Gov. vs 12m Manufacturing Jobs

There are now over 22 million government employees in America—as opposed to just over 12 million manufacturing jobs—a stark revelation of the globalist ruination of that country. The government employees exceed the... Read more »

Poor Americans Pay Israel Billions

American taxpayers—already economically strained to the breaking point—will soon be forced to pay over billions of dollars in the “highest ever aid package” to Israel, even though the Jews-only state is already... Read more »

US: Middle/Working Class Poorest

The entire Middle and working class in America—which includes the majority nonwhite lowest 20 percent of the population—is now economically worse off than they were eight years ago, and are steadily getting... Read more »

Health Actuaries: Obamacare Rates Will Soar

The US Society of Actuaries (SOA) has predicted that due to sicker patients joining the coverage pool when the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) comes into effect, medical claims per member will rise... Read more »