Russian “Hacking”: Indictment Admits it Had No Effect on US Election Outcome

The official US Department of Justice indictment which claims that “Russians” hacked the Democratic Party’s servers before the 2016 election specifically states that there is no evidence to show that it affected... Read more »

Deportations: Mexican Govt. Scrambles

The Mexican government today scrambled to set up emergency procedures to cope with an expected mass reverse flood of its citizens back following Donald Trump’s latest comments. The plans include an emergency... Read more »

“Trump Effect” Terrifies Euro-Traitors

The “Trump effect” is striking terror through all of Europe’s traitor establishment parties, resulting in hysterical warnings from Austrian, Italian, French, and German politicians about “right-wing populists.” All those nations stand before... Read more »

Rush Limbaugh Breaks Cover

Longtime kosher conservative Rush Limbaugh has finally broken cover and dared to point out that there is nothing wrong with white people voting in their own interests. In his latest radio show,... Read more »

Clinton Wants “Open Borders”

Hillary Clinton wants “open borders” with no restrictions on immigration, the latest release of secret emails by Wikileaks has revealed. The controlled media’s fake hysteria over Donald Trump’s 10-year-old lewd comments tape... Read more »

The Real Scandal of Melania Trump

The real scandal about Melania Trump’s speech at the Republican Party convention is not that she used some oft-quoted lines, but rather the fact that she made a direct appeal to all... Read more »

Trump Rudely Dumps Italy’s Salvini

Donald Trump has rudely dumped Italy’s Lega Nord leader Matteo Salvini, saying he “never wanted to meet him” and “didn’t even know him”—only a few weeks after meeting and posing with the... Read more »

Patrick Buchanan: Violent Revolution Possible

US conservative media personality Patrick J. Buchanan has warned that attempts to ignore the Donald Trump message to America will make violent revolution possible. Writing against the backdrop of the last set... Read more »

Trump Gives in to Jewish Lobby

The Jewish lobby in America demonstrated its control of the political process when Donald Trump retreated from all his previous policy positions on Israel during his speech to AIPAC on March 21. Trump’s... Read more »

Left-wing Jewish Lobby Chooses Clinton

The Jewish Daily Forward—one of America’s largest Jewish newspapers—has openly declared Hilary Clinton to be Israel’s candidate in the event of a Trump-Clinton presidential clash in November. In an article headlined “If... Read more »

Trump Takes SC with Huge Turnout

Donald Trump’s march toward the Republican Party’s official nomination for president took another huge—and potentially unstoppable—step forward yesterday with his victory in the South Carolina primaries on the back of a hugely... Read more »