Identity of US “Mail Bomber” will be Revealed, say Forensic Experts

It is only a matter of time before the identity of the US “mail bomber” is revealed, thanks to forensics—and then it will be determined if the bombs originate with the “right... Read more »

US Supreme Court Backs Ohio Voter Purge as Nonwhites Claim it Affects Them

The U.S. Supreme Court has endorsed Ohio’s policy of making sure its voter registration rolls are up to date, despite claims from nonwhites that this policy “disenfranchises” them. Read more »

Trump: Lewdness vs Mass Murder?

The “revelation” that Donald Trump made lewd remarks about women is being treated by the controlled media as if it were the end of his campaign—as if his throwaway all-too-common lewdness is... Read more »

Hilary Clinton: The Jewish Lobby’s Candidate

Proof that Hilary Clinton is completely under the direction of America’s Jewish lobby has emerged with the news that all seven of her biggest political donors are liberal American Jews—who all support... Read more »

US Elections Underline Racial Demographic Swing

This week’s elections in America have seen the already apparent racial divisions in American political voting patterns accentuated as part of an anti-Obama backlash among whites but have also seen two major... Read more »