Europeans Made up 9% of Immigrants to US in 2016

Europeans made up only nine percent—or 165,000—of all the 1.75 million legal and illegal immigrants who entered the US in 2016, while 38 percent came from Latin America, 34 percent came from... Read more »

The Deportee Who Won’t Go Away

The porous nature of America’s borders and its broken immigration control system has been demonstrated once again with the news that a four-times deported illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic has been... Read more »

0.5% Visa Overstayers Deported

Exactly 0.5 percent of the 482,781 aliens who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visitor visa in 2015—and who then never left—have actually been deported, official figures have shown. These figures do... Read more »

Muslims Pouring into America in Green Card Storm

More Muslims have been given American “green cards”—or permanent residence—in the last five years than the entire population of Washington DC, and projections are that an equal number will be given that... Read more »

90% of US Naturalizations from 3rd World

In a further confirmation of the danger that legal immigration poses to America, new figures from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have revealed that 90 percent of all US citizenship naturalizations... Read more »