Mexico-California Tunnels Reopened

Many of the tunnels dug by drug cartels and people smugglers underneath the U.S.–Mexican border prior to 2007, and supposedly sealed to prevent reuse, have been brought back into service and are... Read more »

423,896 “Threats to National Security”

The extent of the Third World invasion of America is revealed in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) statistics which show that 423,896 “individuals classed as “threats to national security, border security, and... Read more »

US: 817,740 Invaders in 1 Year

At least 817,740 nonwhite invaders—from Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Asia—have poured across the US-Mexico border during the last Fiscal Year, in what might be the single largest invasion force to... Read more »

512,190 Backlog in US Immigration Courts

The Third World invasion of America has caused a backlog of 512,190 cases in the immigration court system, “forcing” the Immigration Service to grant all “asylum seekers” an automatic two-year residency stay... Read more »

264,165 Invaders Arrested at US Border

A total of 264,165 invaders from countries as varied as China and India were arrested at the US–Mexico border in the first six months of 2016, according to data just released by... Read more »

Beheadings: “Unaccompanied Minors” invasion

The “unaccompanied minors” who have surged over the US-Mexico border have been identified as the cause of a 160 percent increase in nonwhite gang crimes in the Washington DC area, official figures... Read more »

Invaders “Abduct Children;” Pose as “Families”

Nonwhite invaders crossing the US border are abducting children along the way to pose as “families” when arrested by US Border Patrol agents, a government lawyer has said. The lawyer also said that... Read more »

Islamist Terrorists Entering US

Islamist terrorists—including at least one man linked to a Taliban-planed attack in the US—are using the illegal immigration route over the Mexico border to enter America. According to official documents revealed by the... Read more »

Invasion of US “Highest Ever”

The US Customs and Border Patrol (CPB) arrested a record 38,135 nonwhite invaders crossing the US–Mexico border every day during the month of April 2016—a dramatic increase which means that 1,271 were... Read more »