Yet Another Kavanaugh Accuser Revealed as Leftist Liar

Yet another leftist who launched outrageous accusations of sex attacks by Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh has been revealed to be a liar and now faces criminal prosecution for misleading Congress. Read more »

100 Jews Arrested in US Senate after Illegal Demonstration in Favor of Third World Invasion of America

Police in Washington DC arrested at least 100 Jews—including rabbis, members of the Anti-Defamation League, Bend the Arc, T’ruah and other Jewish groups—after they took part in an illegal demonstration and occupation... Read more »

Duke to Oppose Black Hate in La.

U.S. Senate candidate Dr. David Duke, will personally defend the iconic Andrew Jackson statue in New Orleans against “Black Lives Matter” hate in downtown New Orleans on Saturday morning, September 24. The... Read more »

0.5% Visa Overstayers Deported

Exactly 0.5 percent of the 482,781 aliens who entered the United States on a nonimmigrant visitor visa in 2015—and who then never left—have actually been deported, official figures have shown. These figures do... Read more »

Senate: Give Israel Even More

The Jewish lobby’s control over the US government has been demonstrated once again with the news that four-fifths of the Senate have signed a letter demanding that Israel be given even more... Read more »

NSA Spies Reveal Congress/Jewish Lobby Link

The Jewish lobby controls the US Congress to such a degree that the National Security Agency’s (NSA) surveillance of the Israeli government ended up effectively spying on the House and Senate, it... Read more »

Muslims Pouring into America in Green Card Storm

More Muslims have been given American “green cards”—or permanent residence—in the last five years than the entire population of Washington DC, and projections are that an equal number will be given that... Read more »