Latest Trump H-2B Increase Again Betrays American Workers, says CIS

H-2B visas, granted to foreign workers to come to the US and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a seasonal or intermittent basis, have reached an all-time high, causing the Center... Read more »

Congress Spending Bill Doubles H-2B Visa Intake—Despite High US Unemployment

The new spending bill approved by the US Congress which covers the remainder of the fiscal year includes a provision to again allow the Department of Homeland Security to double the annual... Read more »

25m “Foreign-Born” Working in US

Some 25 million—or 17 percent—of the total number of employed people in the US were born outside that country as of march 2016, official Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) have revealed. The BLS... Read more »

Americans Fired, Foreigners Employed

Some 450,000 Americans were fired by the big capitalist corporations in 2014—while at the same time, almost every one of those companies applied for H1-B visas to employ foreign nationals—mostly from the... Read more »