Hungary Uses “Citizenship by Ancestry” Law to Take its People from Venezuela

The Hungarian government has used its 2011 “Citizenship by ancestry” law to take in 350 Hungarian-origin people from the collapsing Third World nation of Venezuela, and another 750 are waiting for the... Read more »

Venezuela: President Threatens War if “Sellout to the Whites” Wins Election

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro has announced that he will take up arms and start a war if he loses the May 20 election to opposition rival Henri Falcón—who, he said, wants to... Read more »

Trinidad Deports Venezuelan Invaders, Denies they Need “Asylum”

The black Caribbean island state of Trinidad and Tobago has deported 82 Venezuelan invaders pretending to be refugees back home after refusing to even consider their patently bogus claims of “asylum”—contrary to... Read more »

Colombia Starts Deporting Illegal Invaders from Venezuela

The Colombian government has started deporting hundreds of illegal invaders from Colombia back home after rising tensions between the rough-sleeping Columbians and locals, who accused the illegals of causing a crime spike.... Read more »

Israel Won’t Take Venezuela Converts

Israel’s refusal to accept nine South American Indians from Venezuela who claim to be “converted Jews” has once again highlighted the racially-based nature of the Jewish ethnostate’s immigration policies. Read more »