“Black Sheep” Orban and Trump

Donald Trump has invited Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to an official visit to Washington D.C.—a clear indication of what the new U.S. President’s attitude toward the Third World invasion of Europe... Read more »

Hungary Votes No to Invasion

More than 90 percent of Hungarians who participated in Sunday’s referendum have rejected the European Union’s “refugee distribution” plan—setting the stage for a dramatic clash in Brussels which could cause the EU... Read more »

“Expel Hungary from EU”

Hungary should be expelled from the European Union because it has refused to go along with the mass nonwhite invasion of Europe, the foreign minister of Luxembourg has announced. In an interview with... Read more »

Orbán: “Migrants” a Poison, and EU a Threat

Third World migrants are a “poison” which will destroy Europe, and the European Union (EU) is a bigger threat to European survival than Mecca, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has announced. ... Read more »

Orban: Invasion a “Deliberate Leftist Plan”

The far left in Europe is deliberately importing nonwhites so as to boost their voting numbers, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban has said. Read more »

Merkel’s Lies Exposed by Hungarian Fence

Claims by German chancellor Angela Merkel that a fence will stop the nonwhite invasion of Europe and cause a “war” have been thoroughly exposed as lies by the complete success of the... Read more »