London: Nonwhite Overrun Borough of Tower Hamlets Center of Vote Fraud

Police officers with body cameras will be deployed at all polling stations in the nonwhite overrun borough of Tower Hamlets in London, Britain, during upcoming local elections after it emerged that Third... Read more »

“100,000 Illegal Voters in PA Congressional Election” Claims Think Tank

As many as 100,000 non-US citizens were eligible to vote in the recent Pennsylvania 18th Congressional District race—won narrowly by Democrat Conor Lamb—and it would have taken only a tiny fraction of that... Read more »

US Election: Illegal Voters and ID Laws

Hillary Clinton won 14 of the 20 U.S. states that require no identification from voters before casting their ballots—which include all the most heavily Third World invader-overrun states in the Union such... Read more »

Vote Fraud: PA Police Raid Offices

State Police in Pennsylvania have raided the Philadelphia offices of a Democratic Party-founded voter registration company after 7,000 registration forms were called into question—including 52 with non-existent addresses and at least one... Read more »

Turk Invader Mall Shooter “Illegal Voter”

The news that the Turk mall mass shooter Arcan Cetin voted in several elections, even though he is not a U.S. citizen—has highlighted the mass voter fraud rampant throughout the U.S. electoral... Read more »

Massive Nonwhite Voter Fraud Revealed in North Carolina

Massive nonwhite voter fraud—directly linked to the ever-increased Third World origin population in America—has been revealed in a special report issued by the speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Thom Tillis.... Read more »

Britain: Third World Corruption and Fraud in Elections

Britain’s Electoral Commission—which oversees elections in that country—has appointed a special commission of inquiry to try and find out the “causes” of rampant electoral fraud in areas dominated by colonizers from India... Read more »

Mexican Activists Seek Repeal of Arizona Voter ID Law

In an astonishing display of Mexican racial activism, Latino pressure groups are pushing for the repeal of an Arizona law which merely requires that potential voters prove that they are US citizens... Read more »