“Allied” Attack on Syria Hits Cancer Research Institute

One of the targets destroyed by the Jewish lobby controlled “Allied” attack on Syria was a cancer research institute which had previously served as an operating base for the United Nations chemical... Read more »

The Ignored Atrocity: Katyn

The West’s controlled media ignored yesterday’s commemoration of the 1940 Massacre at Katyn, despite the presence of the Prime Minister of Poland, senior government figures, families of the victims, and the Polish... Read more »

Latest Jewish Supremacist War Crime in Gaza: Ambulances Bombed

Video evidence of the latest Jewish Supremacist war crime in Gaza has emerged–that of an Israeli bombing of ambulances in Gaza. This criminal act follows after the largest online newspaper in Israel,... Read more »

Irish MP Nails Obama as “War Criminal and “Hypocrite of the Century”

A remarkable—and highly accurate—question during the Irish Parliament “Leader’s Question” time by Clare Daly, has thoroughly exposed the warlike and callous nature of the Obama regime. Ms Daly, an independent Member of... Read more »

Obama “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” has Launched More Terror Drone Attacks than Bush

President Barack Obama has launched more drone attacks in Pakistan than even the arch-warmonger George Bush, a new investigation has revealed. The investigation report, titled “Covert Drone War,” also revealed that the... Read more »