Washington DC Decriminalizes Metro Fare Evasion; Blames “White Racism” because 91% of Offenders are Black

The Washington D.C. Council has voted to decriminalize Metro fare evasion after statistics showed that 91 percent of offenders are black, a fact which the council blamed on “white racists” who engage... Read more »

Inauguration Riot: Communist Thugs Face 10 Years Jail

More than 230 black-clad ““anti-fascist” communist thugs arrested after their violent anti-Donald Trump rampage through the streets of Washington D.C. last week will face felony riot charges—an offence which carries up to... Read more »

“Women’s March” Doesn’t Represent White Women

The “Women’s March” held in Washington D.C. on Saturday, January 21, ignores the fact that two-thirds of white women in America voted for Donald Trump—which makes the protest yet another revelation of... Read more »

“Reign of Terror”: Crime in US Capital

America’s majority nonwhite capital city is staggering under an unprecedented crime wave, forcing the Washington Post to describe it as a “reign of terror.” An analysis of figures released by the Washington... Read more »