Nonwhite Immigration Makes US Economy Worse, US Census Figures Prove

The liberal lie that “immigration helps the economy” has been thoroughly disproved by US Census Bureau figures which show that recent Third World immigrants are economically significantly worse off than the native... Read more »

Vast Majority of Nonwhite Invaders in America Using Welfare, New Report Shows

The majority of nonwhite invaders who have entered the US within the last few decades are on welfare, a new report has shown—destroying the leftist claim that they were coming to “help... Read more »

The Giant Welfare State: 48.5% of “Americans” Now on Some Form of Welfare

America—supposedly the “bastion of capitalism”—is now the world’s largest welfare basket case, with more than 150 million people claiming benefits, of whom 60 percent are nonwhite, official figures have revealed. According to... Read more »