Jews-only State of Israel Seizes Christian Church Land in Occupied West Bank

Israel has ordered the unilateral seizure of Christian church-owned land in the Occupied West Bank—despite official church protestations—as part of their ongoing program to completely ethnically cleanse Palestinians from that territory. Read more »

Jerusalem Mayor Candidate Vows to Build Jews-only Housing, “Keep Jerusalem Jewish”

The Likud party candidate for the upcoming mayoral election in Jerusalem has vowed to build thousands more houses for Jews only as part of his plan to “keep Jerusalem Jewish.” Read more »

Trump Ignores Israel’s 10,000 New Jews-Only Racist Houses in Occupied West Bank

The right wing Jewish lobby-controlled Trump administration has deliberately turned a blind eye to the Israeli construction of over 10,000 new Jews-only houses being built on land being stolen by the Jews... Read more »

Israel: Another 3,900 Jews-Only Houses to be Built on Occupied Palestinian Land

Israeli defence minister Avigdor Lieberman has announced on Twitter that his government will build another 3,900 houses—reserved for Jews only—in the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, with the... Read more »

How Israel’s Treatment of Palestinians Causes Terrorism in Europe and America

The Jews-only ethnostate has sent soldiers in to seize solar panels which were donated to a Palestinian village called Jubbet al-Dhib inside the occupied West Bank—even though the land belongs to the... Read more »

Israeli Settlements “Not Helpful,” says White House

The ongoing Israeli Jews-only house building program in the occupied West Bank is “not helpful” in promoting peace in the Middle East, the Trump White House has announced. Read more »

Israeli Illegal Settlements: The Facts

Israel has demanded that the 14 nations who voted against the illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank “explain themselves”—for daring to oppose the Jewish ethnostate’s breach of international law. Read more »

Netanyahu and Ethnic Cleansing

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim that anyone who opposes the illegal Jewish colonization of the Palestinian West Bank supports the “ethnic cleansing of Jews” marks an unprecedented new low in Jewish... Read more »

Jewish Lobby Calls for “Human Rights” in EU, but Denies Palestinians Houses in West Bank

In an act of shocking hypocrisy, the Israeli government has declared it “illegal” for the European Union to fund Palestinian housing projects in the West Bank—while at the same time the international... Read more »

New Israeli Government Seeks to Seize West Bank Permanently

All indications are that the new Israeli government intends to permanently seize as much of the Palestinian West Bank territory as possible as part of a drive to permanently destroy any chance... Read more »