65 Witchdoctors Arrested in Tanzania for Ritual Child Murders

At least 65 witchdoctors have been arrested in Tanzania for what has been described as the “barbaric ritualistic killings of children” in that country—part of an ongoing trade in body parts which... Read more »

Nigeria: “Traditional Leader Revokes Voodoo Curses” to Protect African Invaders in Europe

Oba Ewuare II, the traditional ruler of the Kingdom of Benin in Edo State in southern Nigeria, has ordered the revoking of all “curses placed on victims of human trafficking and to curse... Read more »

Ebola Outbreak: Aid Workers Stumped as Congo Africans Believe it is “Evil Spirits”

International aid workers in the central African Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) have encountered “an invisible but powerful hurdle” to their work—the belief among Africans that the disease is actually a witchdoctor’s... Read more »

Malawi: “Witchcraft Beliefs Run Deep”

Police in the Central African nation of Malawi have formally sanctioned the intervention of a famous Zambian witchdoctor in the southern part of that country to “cleanse the people of witchcraft,” the... Read more »

Samoan UK Rugby Player: “Witchdoctor Cured Me”

Manu Tuilagi, 26, a Samoan-born UK athlete who plays for the England national rugby union team has announced that a witchdoctor in his homeland has cured him of a debilitating sports injury... Read more »

Voodoo Treatment for Migraine

Advanced medical care in Africa takes many forms, but the most common is the witchdoctor, now called the “traditional healer” by the politically correct brigade. Many Westerners are however ignorant of the... Read more »

South African University Gives Honorary Degrees to Witchdoctors

In yet another indication of South Africa’s rapid descent back into the Third World jungle, a major university in that country has just awarded honorary degrees to more than 100 primitive witchdoctors... Read more »

The (Witch) Doctor Is In: Third World Witchcraft Established in Birmingham, UK

The African invasion of Britain has reached such large proportions that traditional witchdoctors are now taking out full-color advertisements in locally distributed newspapers targeted at their fellow-tribesmen, an exclusive New Observer report... Read more »

Albino Blacks Sought by African Witchdoctors for Ritual Murder “Medicine”

A recent demonstration last week in the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam has refocused attention on an ongoing problem in that African country: that of the ritual murder of Albino blacks... Read more »

African Witchdoctor Found Cooking White Afrikaner Farmer Body Parts

An African witchdoctor from the country of Lesotho was found boiling body parts belonging to a murdered white South African farmer when he was arrested, a court in South Africa has heard.... Read more »