Austrian Presidential Rerun Approaches

The controlled media's focus on the 2017 French presidential elections as a “barometer” of European populism, hides the fact that the December 4, 2016, Austrian presidential election rerun offers a far more... Read more »

World Jewish Congress and Official German Jewry Welcome Nonwhite Invasion

The World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany have issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards... Read more »

World Jews: “Stop the FN”

The World Jewish Congress’s official French affiliate, the Representative Council of French Jewry (CRIF), has issued a hysterical demand to the French public to “block” Marine le Pen’s Front National (FN) at... Read more »

World Jewish Congress Seeks to Ban Freedom of Speech across Globe

Not content with already severely impeding freedom of speech in Europe, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has launched an attempt to get the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, to start censoring the... Read more »