Zimbabwe “Even Worse” One Year after Mugabe, Africans Admit

Zimbabwe—which was widely hailed by the controlled media to have “turned a corner” and be “on the road to recovery” following the forced resignation of Robert Mugabe a year ago, is now... Read more »

Zimbabwe Collapses Beyond Parody as Finance Minister Photographed in Ribbon-cutting Opening Ceremony for Trash Bin

Zimbabwe—already world-famous for having destroyed the prosperous economy and infrastructure inherited from its former white rulers—this week collapsed beyond parody when its finance minister was photographed in a ribbon-cutting opening ceremony for... Read more »

Zimbabwe Tries to Lure Whites Back, Admits Black Farms a Disaster

The new government of Zimbabwe has offered white farmers inside and outside the country a 99-year lease on their properties confiscated during the 2000-2002 anti-white attacks in an effort to restart the... Read more »

Zimbabweans Trapped in Bangkok Airport

In events reminiscent of the Tom Hanks movie The Terminal, African “asylum seekers” from Zimbabwe have been trapped inside Thailand’s Bangkok airport for two months—because they failed to plan ahead in their... Read more »

Zimbabwe: Tribesmen Play “Pass the Palace Keys”

Deluded liberals all over the world can hardly contain their delight at the military coup in Zimbabwe which appears to have deposed the 93-year-old Robert Mugabe—but have deliberately ignored that his replacement... Read more »

Zimbabwe Arrests and Deports African Invaders

Hundreds of illegal immigrants from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Malawi have been arrested in Zimbabwe since the beginning of 2017 and have been forcibly deported back to their home countries—all with the active... Read more »

Zimbabwe: Seized Farms Collapsed

All the formerly white-run—and prosperous—farms seized and handed over to blacks in Zimbabwe have collapsed and are barely at subsistence level. This fact has emerged after authorities have admitted that the new “farmers”... Read more »

Africans Burn SA/Zimbabwe Border Post

Black mobs have attacked and burned down a warehouse at the famous Beit Bridge crossing between South Africa and Zimbabwe during ongoing protests over a Zimbabwean ban on importing South African goods. The... Read more »

White Refugees not Welcome in Australia

White refugees fleeing racist murderous violence in Zimbabwe are not welcome in Australia—unlike the 12,000 “Syrians” which that country’s government has announced are welcome, proving once again that the “refugee” issue is... Read more »

White Zim Farmers Fail in Nigeria

White Zimbabwean farmers who have been forced off their farms and have tried to start anew in other African countries have all failed in their new endeavors–because none of them appreciated how... Read more »

Zimbabwe Farm Eviction: No Outcry

The violent eviction of yet another white farmer from a farm in Zimbabwe has proceeded without a murmur of protest from any of the world’s governments—in contrast to their hysterical response to... Read more »

British “Conservative” Government gives US $72m to viciously Anti-white Racist Zimbabwe Government

The British “Conservative” government has announced that it is to give a $72 million “livelihoods and food security program” to the nation of Zimbabwe—which is ruled by a viciously anti-white regime which... Read more »

Meet the Mugabes: Zimbabwean President’s Wife Gets her PhD After Two Months—From Her Husband’s College

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe—in his role as chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe—has awarded his wife, Grace, a PhD degree just two months after her enrolment at the university. Grace Mugabe registered... Read more »

“No Land for Whites in Zimbabwe” Says Mugabe

Whites will never be allowed to own land in Zimbabwe, that country’s president Robert Mugabe has announced, adding that the few remaining white farmers still there “must go.” Mugabe’s latest racist anti-white... Read more »

Zimbabwe Develops Helicopter

It is little known that an engineer in Zimbabwe built a helicopter in 1994. The incredible aircraft was tracked down and revealed to the world by a news team who put together... Read more »