Tank Float: Prosecutors Investigate

In what many see as a return to Stasi-era intimidation, state prosecutors in the German states of Thuringia and Bavaria have been instructed to open investigations into the large number of carnival floats which made fun of the Angela Merkel-inspired nonwhite invasion of Germany.


News of the orders to start investigations into the carnival floats was carried by the pro-invasion Bild newspaper, which asked if the now famous “Tiger Tank anti-asylum” float and other floats were “satire or incitement to race hatred.”

Typically, the Bild answered its own question by heading its article “The Floats of Shame.”

The Bild also said that police had received “several” complaints about the floats, claiming they were incitement and “insulting.”

Regarding the locust “plague Balkan Express” float, the Bild, revealing its typical liberal mindset and desire for all dissenting opinion to be forcibly suppressed, said:

“The Wasunger carnival in Thuringia is known for its ambiguous humor. Even during the GDR [German Democratic Republic, “East Germany”] the authorities could be comically criticized. But now the revelers apparently went too far…”

Meanwhile, carnival participants in the town of Altenberg, Saxony, also gave vent to their frustration with the nonwhite invasion with a series of floats mocking various aspects of the current political situation.

Most striking was a float of a Red Indian teepee, with a slogan reading, “The Indians could do nothing against immigration, today they live on reservations.”


Another float, made up in the shape of a stereotypical “wild west” saloon, carried the slogan “better a redskin than a brownskin.”


Behind this float came an undertaker, complete with shovel, pulling a coffin marked “BRD 2016” (short for Bundesrepubliek Deutschland, or the Federal Republic of Germany).


Another part of the procession in Altenberg consisted of a number of women wearing “arms’ length” protection gear. This “Cologne model” wear was based on the idiotic suggestion made by the mayor of Cologne who suggested that German women keep the nonwhites at arm’s length following the mass sex attacks over the New Year period.



Another carnival participant was dressed as a tramp, and carried a slogan which read, “begging and poor in my own country, oh how I wish I was an immigrant.”

poor in own coutnry

Another float with the slogan lügenpresse (“lying press”) prominently displayed, was accompanied by several clowns with “press” badges, all sporting long Pinocchio noses.


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    1. Couldn`t agree more, antieu.
      Patriots have right on their side but the Merkel hag has might on hers and intends to win whatever the cost.

  1. Next year they must have a ‘Police Prosecute Germans’ float. With a hideous Merkel figure watching over the scene.

  2. Absolutely brilliant stuff 😉 congrats to the Patriots of Germany, now only if something similar would happen in the UK! People need to be out on the streets, instead going about their Iives thinking this madness is not going to affect “Them”

    1. Too busy watching reality TV, or feeling complacent because Britain has not been invaded, or conquered by another country since 1066 unlike most countries on the Continent, ‘nothing bad has happened here so why should it now’ mind-set.

  3. The float designer is under investigation. The fuehrer is not amused.
    DW news ran a story and gained a lot of negative comments on Merkel. I looked for that story and it has been deleted along with all comments (no vulgarity). So much for the lying press of Germany moving towards being democratic. All of the comments were polite, All deleted by
    DW . Also a story in DW about the left wing anarchist rampaging and burning cars, gone.
    As far as the lying press is concerned. It never happened.

  4. With the German Government supporting the violation of the UN Convention against Transnational Organised Crime the next step will be the support for the trade in military weapons so that a profit can be made from gun and ammunition smuggling. The obvious solution is to find a Town (maybe Altenberg) where the Syrians can have their own schools and other institutions including their own bank where they can keep their legitimate assets and exercise their self-determination, as a minority, unmolested by other people, then elect a representative to go to parliament.

    1. Yes so funny, who said the Germans havent got a sense of humour. They certainly got their point over in a peaceful way.

  5. It’s crazy how angry the German government gets at its own citizens for standing up for themselves. I am HOPING that we see a German Spring this year!!
    Germans are sick of these invaders and the lying media. Germany reminds me of N. Korea how they want to control everything.

  6. I’ve always know that liberals were a bunch of cries babies, but geez……Come on Merkel, in the US we have a statement for people like you…..”F you if you can’t take a joke!”

  7. You`d think TPTB would have more than enough to do with thousands of foreign scum raping and pillaging everywhere.
    But poke fun and Merkel has the law breathing down your neck.
    With priorities so crazily skewed she`ll become a total laughing stock!
    She`s obviously so power crazed that she`s lost all sense of reason.
    EU citizens take note.

  8. News of this is not surprising. The liberal leftists do not like being laughed at, they are always right, even when proved wrong, even when their own kind are being murdered, they are still right, and how dare anyone make a fool of them.

    Do not forget that Merkel came from Soviet east Germany where any criticism of the government was not tolerated, and she brings that line of thinking with her to the EU which is only another communist union and is governed in the same way. The state decides what is right and wrong and what is humorous or not and all media is censored.

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