Terror in Europe: Ruling Liberal Elite to Blame

The latest terrorist attack in London—and many other similar incidents—is the fault of the ruling liberal elite, which has deliberately pushed mass Third World immigration, while at the same time waging wars in the Middle East on behalf of Israel, which has further incited the already volatile Muslim element of the nonwhite invasion.

The London attack—now definitely linked to a radicalized Muslim cell based in that city and in the city of Birmingham—has perplexed liberal and conservatives alike, because none of them understand or accept the reality of race, and its direct relationship between culture, morals, values, norms, and behavior.

These race-deniers sincerely believe that anyone, from anywhere, will become “British” just because they live in Britain, wear European clothes, and speak English. This “blank slate” mentality lies at the very heart of modern liberalism—the belief that culture and civilization is merely an outer trapping created by “society” which can be transplanted onto anybody, no matter what their racial origin or genetic makeup.

The reality is however, that “society” does not form the individual. It is the individual, or groups of individuals, who form the society.

“Society” is therefore a reflection of the people inside that community—and not the other way around.

If “society” is “First World” (a euphemism for white European), then it is only so because the majority of individuals within that society are Europeans.

Once the majority of individuals within that society stop being Europeans, then that society will stop being “First World” and will then reflect the racial origins of the majority of its new inhabitants.

In London’s case—chosen simply because of the location of the latest terror attack, but the principle is equally applicable to anywhere—the simple fact that white British people are now the minority in that city, has created the reality that “society” in the British capital city is now no longer “First World.”

The ruling liberal elite is to blame for this situation. It is they who have, over the past 60 years, encouraged and supported mass Third World nonwhite immigration into Britain, while at the same time demonizing and even outlawing any persons or groups who opposed this invasion.

Now, the inevitable end result of this policy has come home to roost. Over 70 percent of the school-going age children in London are nonwhite, while all across Britain—and Europe—white people are being steadily outbred and ethnically cleansed from the major cities by the nonwhite invasion.

At the same time, those responsible for this mass invasion have followed a slavishly pro-Israel foreign policy in the Middle East—all engineered by the powerful Jewish lobby which is firmly ensconced within the ranks of the ruling elite—which has included endless military intervention against Israel’s enemies in that region.

Thanks to the liberal ruling elite, there exists a huge imported nonwhite population, hostile and incapable of ever being “Europeans,” combined with a significant and growing Muslim population.

The latter group is already fired up by the Jihadist zeal which has driven Islam to invade, conquer, and convert or destroy all non-Muslims since that religion’s founding.

Now, however, they have been able to further “justify” terrorist attacks in Europe—and continually recruit new supporters from the established Muslim population in Europe—by pointing to Western intervention in the Middle East on behalf of Israel as “evidence of the oppression of Muslims by Europeans.”

Thus the “perfect storm” for terrorism in Europe has been created: by mass Third World immigration, the encouragement of Muslim immigration, and dangerous and distorted foreign policies designed to incite the “immigrant” populations.

This then, is the true cause of “terrorism” in Europe.

The only solution to the problem, is, of course, the halting of mass Third World immigration, and its reversal: mass repatriation and the restoration of European majorities to all European nations.

At the same time, the power of the Jewish lobby over foreign policy in particular—and government in general—needs to be definitively broken.

A failure to achieve both these goals will result in the swamping and destruction of European society, and the permanent coming of a new Dark Age.

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