Terror and Legal Immigration

Decades of legal nonwhite immigration and “asylum” policies are proving to be just as deadly a terrorist threat to Europe as is the “refugee” invasion of 2015, latest events have shown.

The controlled media have already realized this, and that is why they now call the latest set of terrorists “Frenchmen,” Belgians,” and so on—and talk of “Europe’s most wanted terrorists.”

While it is certainly true that very large numbers of ISIS-aligned terrorists have entered Europe as part of the mass nonwhite fake refugee invasion of 2015, the reality is that many more terrorists have been recruited from the already existing—and legally resident—nonwhite populations in Europe.

A good example of this has come with the arrest of Reda Kriket, the ISIS terrorist arrested in Paris on March 24 while preparing for yet another attack in that city.

Kriket, widely described by the media as a “Frenchman,” is in fact an Algerian, legally resident in France.


Reda Kriket, a “French national” according to the official description.

Earlier it was reported that ISIS had sent in at least 400 trained soldiers among the refugee swarms of 2015, but, as the German Bild newspaper admitted, this number is dwarfed by the thousands of Islamists who fought for ISIS and have already returned to Europe—legally.

The Bild—a paper which has consistently supported nonwhite immigration, both legal and illegal—freely admitted that neither they nor the security services had any idea exactly how many Islamists already living in Europe had gone and come back already.

The Bild would only say that it was in the “thousands.” “The exact number is unclear,” Bild continued.

Then, going on to use the by now standard diversionary trick of equating these nonwhite invaders with the nations of which they have citizenship, instead of referring to their racial origin, the Bild continued:

“Security officials currently monitor more than 850 Germans who have fought for terrorist groups like ISIS in Syria. More than 300 have already returned, and are, according to experts, ‘battle-tested and completely brutalized.’”

Note the deliberate tactic of claiming it is “Germans” who have gone to fight for ISIS, when in fact it is nonwhites with German passports. Nonwhites can never be “Germans” (or any other European nationality) any more than a white person living in China could ever become “Chinese.”

The Bild then quotes Europol as saying that it can be assumed that at least 5,000 “Europeans” have “returned to their home countries with combat experience.”

The problem of legal nonwhite immigration as a source of terrorist danger was also highlighted with the news that the nonwhites involved in the attack on Brussels had even obtained jobs at the airport in order to reconnoiter the best place for an attack.

One of the nonwhites, Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, detonated a bomb inside the airport terminal, while his brother, Khalid el-Bakraoui, blew up the subway train in the city.

Both men had obtained jobs as cleaners in the airport, positions which gave them intimate knowledge of the terminal’s weak points.


Ibrahim (right) and Khalid (left) el-Bakraoui, legal residents of Brussels who worked at the Brussels airport.

Ibrahim, 29, and Khalid, 27, grew up in Laeken, a working-class neighborhood in northwest Brussels, not far from the Royal Palace. Their parents had immigrated legally from Morocco, and the two brothers were well-known to police as violent criminals. Both has served prison time for armed robbery and attempted murder, and Ibrahim had only been paroled in October 2014.

In spite of this, the two nonwhites easily passed security checks for their jobs—and, as anyone who travels frequently in Europe knows, all major airports employ large numbers of nonwhites as cleaners, check-in staff, and, bizarrely, security screening personnel.

Bakraoui Tihange1

Tihange power plant, targeted by the Bakraoui brothers. Eleven employees have had their access revoked after the plot emerged. No prizes are being awarded for guessing the race of these employees.

A stunning example of this insanity of employing legally resident nonwhites has come with the news that eleven workers at the Tihange nuclear power station in the province of Liège, have had their access “revoked” after investigations revealed that the nonwhites had planned an attack there as well.

The Bakraoui brothers filmed twelve hours of footage of the power chief’s home and planned to kidnap him as part of the attack, Brussels national Broadcast RTBF has revealed.

The conclusion is as clear as it is inevitable: the danger from legal nonwhite immigration is as great as it is from illegal immigration—and the only solution is the halting of all nonwhite immigration, and the repatriation of all nonwhites to their countries of racial origin.

Anything less, and Europe will be condemned to endless terrorism, chaos—and ultimately, extermination through demographics.

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  1. This is what happens when citizenship is handed out like sweeties to every Tom, Dick and Harry.
    Which bright spark ever thought it would “bind” them to us and encourage “loyalty ” needs their head examined.
    Come on ….we`re not talking about westerners here.
    Moslimes spend most of their time on their knees – backsides in the air – rather than engaging in meaningful activity. When will politicians wake up to the fact that non assimilation and non integration is a mandatory fact of life for followers of Allah. Allegiance to a future world wide Caliphate is their be all and end all.
    They couldn`t care less about western values, culture or we `infidels` either. We simply serve a purpose.
    Surely if we minions had it all figured out a long time ago then our so-called `leaders` drawing big fat salaries can manage it too.

  2. Rest assured that better qualified white ethnic Belgians were (legally) racially discriminated against so that the Arabs could get those high paying nuclear jobs in their place.

    The phrase ‘hoist by one’s own petard’ comes to mind.

  3. It’s time to throw off the PC shackles and declare that it’s good to be racist. Racism is a self-preservation survival instinct bestowed upon us by evolution.

    When the shooting starts, I hope that the sacred socialist cows called Equality, Diversity & Human Rights are the first up against the wall.

  4. Knowing what they know today, I think it mad to employ such people in such sensitive areas. However, political correctness decrees a certain blind stupidity. Marxists adhere completely to such claptrap. The rest of society suffers.

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