‘All Terrorists are Insane’—FPÖ’s Hofer

The establishment and media must stop excusing the actions of the recent Islamist terrorists as being caused by “mental health problems”—because all terrorists have such problems, Freedom Party of Austria (FPÖ) presidential candidate Norbert Hofer has said.


Responding to the latest series of attacks by Muslims in Germany, Hofer said on his Facebook page that the “terror in Europe shows that we need a different policy with regard to foreigners.

“The open borders policies and the false tolerance idea must be ended,” Hofer said.

“We must also reject the notion that such actions are excused by saying that these people have mental health problems. Anyone who commits such an act is always outside the mental norm.”


Hofer was referring to the controlled media’s continued attempts to always portray the Muslim attackers as “loners with mental health issues” instead of reporting the reality that the attacks form part of a deliberate—if autonomous—campaign of Islamist terror.

In each and every case of the most recent attacks—in Nice, Munich, Reutlingen, and Ansbach—the controlled media has either lied outright over the identities of the attackers, or tried to disguise the fact that they were Muslims. The controlled media also often refuses to even admit that the incidents were terrorist attacks.

In Nice, for example, it was claimed that the truck driver was a “loner” who was having domestic issues which caused him to “flip” and engage in the attack—until firm evidence of his ideological position emerged.

Similarly, in the Reutlingen attack, the controlled media claimed that the “asylum seeker” was “frustrated” because his asylum application had been rejected—implying that it was Germany’s fault—and that he had previous “mental health issues” before he took a meat cleaver to passersby in the street.

This same tactic was used by the controlled media in the Munich and Ansbach attacks, although in the case of the Munich shooter they went even further and tried to link the Iranian gunman—who shouted “Allah Akbar” while gunning down his victims—to the anti-Muslim Norwegian shooter Anders Brevik and even the Alternative für Deutschland party, and “xenophobia.”

The Times newspaper in Britain, for example, ran a headline report in its print edition saying that the Munich shooting was motivated by “anti-foreigner” sentiment and warned that “Germany was bracing for a wave of right-wing violence.”

The good news for Hofer is that in the latest opinion poll in Austria, commissioned by the Profil news service, the FPÖ has now decisively taken the lead should that country hold an election today.

According to the poll results, the FPÖ will take 35 percent of the vote, compared to the Socialist Party of Austria’s (SPÖ) 24 percent, and the Austrian Peoples’ Party’s (ÖVP) 20 percent. The Greens stand at 14 percent.

The FPÖ figures are the highest yet—and higher than before the last presidential election in Austria earlier this year, which bodes well for Hofer’s chances in the rerun of that election.

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  1. I sincerely hope Hofer wins and cleans up this mess for Austria. They fended of two Muslim invasion attempts during history. If Merkel gets another term, she will complete the destruction of Europe.

  2. “The controlled media” are not providing any form of service to their readers/listeners. The white population of all countries in Europe are not even in the same league when they are being called racist, the non-whites of whatever background are far more racist than us and that has been evident for decades.

    1. I wish you & Austria success in getting rid of that “green” trash that, with the aid f EU socialist dictatorship in Brussels, fraudulently stole the last election.

      Surely the the whole of Austria can see the danger of losing their country to the New World Order.

    1. Much better than the duplicitous double speak of the current rulers who sell us our destruction as something inevitable or as something to embrace.

  3. The fact is that right now, the more Islamic atrocities taking place in Europe, the more significantly enhanced is the support for patriotic political parties who can distinguish the ‘wood from the trees’. I sense that slowly the pro-Islamic factions within the various Governments of Europe and their cheerleaders/Public Relations supporters such as the BBC and other national broadcasters will eventually rue the day they abandoned their prime function – to protect the public in the former and to relay the news, honestly in the latter- something both abandoned decades ago.
    I have just returned to finishing this contribution to TNO having listened to more news of another Islamic slaughter, this time in France. Curious, the mixture of news on the BBC: the announcement of another slaughter immediately followed by the statement that there has been a “spike” in hate crimes in the UK, “…..since Brexit”. Good old BBC – they really think they can deflect responsibly away from Islam under the fiction of involving another, ‘mentally disturbed’ individual. A spike in hate crimes couldn’t surely, have anything to do with the rise in Islamic Hate Crimes over the same period could it?
    The difference is, ‘Hate Crime in the UK is normally nothing more serious than throwing a bacon sandwich at the doors of a Mosque, whereas, the Islamic equivalent of a, ‘Hate Crime’ is butchering an innocent person.

  4. Western governments are just as insane as the terrorists. They should
    be hugging and kissing each other
    while an entire continent goes to hell.

  5. Woman goes down the street, alone, at night. On the left side of the street she sees a group of muslim migrants, on the right side of the street, she sees a group of neo-nazis. Which side of the street she would feel safer on ? Ridiculous times we live in.

  6. I’m afraid I’m not in agreement totally with Hofer (‘all terrorists are insane’). I’d lower the bar.
    Islam requires the devotee/follower to pray 4/5 times a day. A daily cycle of prayers consists of the first prayer session which is anything from 0300 hrs in the morning and then on throughout the day. Compared to the rest of society, is this ‘normal’? I’m afraid that in this day and age, I see this as insane behaviour.
    Islam is a form of brainwashing in accordance with the Quaran which categorically states its hate (note not ‘dislike’) for the Kuffar (the non-believer i.e. probably you or I) in virtually every other page. Islam hates our way of life, our free-speech and pretty well everything we do or say. Why are they so determined to flood Western countries? Simply, in the long term, to create Islamic States throughout the World.

    1. Brilliantly put. Just imagine anywhere in the whole of the EU the Muslims have their own laws and start carrying out executions on Friday’s after the main prayer time just like the do in Saudi Arabia? Many will say it will never happen, and as long as they believe that, I hope they are right because I wouldn’t trust the political elite to ensure it never will.

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