The £30 Billion ($49 Billion) British Failure in Iraq and Afghanistan

The British army’s invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq alongside America has been a complete military failure and has cost British taxpayers in excess of £30 billion—more than a third of the entire government budget deficit for 2014, new figures have revealed.


A publication by one of the UK’s oldest military strategic think tanks, the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), titled Wars in Peace, said that the £30 billion did not even include what the government has spent on “day-to-day” costs incurred by the army, or the costs of providing healthcare to injured veterans.

RUSI, founded in 1831 by the Duke of Wellington, also branded the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq as “strategic failures” and said that toppling Saddam Hussein in Iraq had “helped radicalize young Muslims in the UK,” and far from reducing international terrorism, the Iraq war “had the effect of promoting it.”

RUSI obtained the figures after a series of freedom of freedom of information requests to the British Ministry of Defense.

To put this money into perspective, £30 billion is not only a third of the entire government deficit for 2014, but would also pay for free university tuition for all higher education students for a decade.

The war in Afghanistan cost British taxpayers £20.6 billion, and the war in Iraq £9.6 billion. A “mere” £238 million was spent more recently intervening in the war against Gadaffi in Libya.

The study also estimates another £30 billion may have to be spent on long-term care for war veterans and compensation payments for deaths and injuries could add another £7 billion—bringing the total cost to £71.7 billion.

The RUSI publication pointed out that the “The rise of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) was a reaction to this invasion, and to the consequent marginalization of Iraq’s Sunni population.

“Today, AQAP and other radical jihadist groups stretching across the Iraqi-Syrian border, pose new terrorist threats to the UK and its allies that might not have existed, at least in this form, had Saddam remained in power.”

As revealed earlier, the attack of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq all took place because of the US and UK’s foreign policies in the Middle East—which are skewed to be in Israel’s interests because of the power of the Jewish lobby in Washington DC and London.

The catastrophic consequences of the invasions are now being played out in the ongoing chaos in the entire Middle East—and the ordinary people of Britain and America have been forced to pay for it, in blood and money.

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  1. 'UK taxpayer' hasn't heard Harold Macmillan's joke—
    The 'British' government is Old Estonians, not Old Etonians

  2. Still hanging onto this nonsense? The aim never was to "reduce" international terrorism. It was the terrorism of the Western states themselves that justified it the invasions

  3. This sad foreseeable outcome was pretty obvious to anyone who has familiarity with the Muslim world, unfortunately this did not include the Oxbridge Eton set who currently define foreign policy for both of our much poorer countries.

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