The African Boat Invasion: If Europeans did it to Africa, the World would Scream “Colonization”

If hundreds of thousands of Europeans jumped on boats and sailed across the Mediterranean Sea to Africa, without papers or formal immigration papers, the world’s liberals would be screaming “colonization”—but when Africans do it, they are only “migrants” and “asylum seekers.”

The latest sinking of an African invader boat off the island of Lampedusa has once again highlighted the full-scale invasion of Europe underway by Africans and other Third Worlders who are illegally entering Europe to get away from their own self-inflicted disaster zones masquerading as “countries.”


The controlled media, of course, refuses to acknowledge this invasion for what it is, and has a strict policy of referring only to “immigrants” or “migrants”—as if the invaders are just somehow ordinary people who have a slightly peculiar way of entering Europe.

The BBC, for example, referred to the latest “Lampedusa migrant boat tragedy” in its coverage of the sinking of the overloaded and unseaworthy vessel in which it is estimated that more than 230 invaders perished.

The European Commission has now officially proposed that member states pay for a “Mediterranean-wide search and rescue mission” to try and help the invaders even more.

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem’s spokesman told the BBC that the “search and rescue operation would help better tracking, identification and rescue of boats, especially migrants’ boats.”

Of course, if the flow were the other way—that is, if hundreds of thousands of Europeans crammed into dingy unseaworthy boats and flooded across the Mediterranean, and once there, demanded that the African states provide them with food, clothing shelter, money and welfare—these same EU officials would doubtless be calling for criminal prosecutions for those who broke every law by their irresponsible and illegal actions.

But, it seems, when third Worlders anywhere invade European territories, they are exempt from all normal laws and standards, and only those who oppose the invasion of European states are the “criminals.”

* Between 1 January and 30 September this year, 30,100 invaders reached Italy on boats from North Africa, the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR has reported.

The biggest groups were from Syria (7,500 in total), Eritrea (7,500) and Somalia (3,000).

Lampedusa’s normal population is just 6,000 and its migrant reception centre has a capacity of just 250.

In its report on illegal migration to the EU in 2012 Frontex said Libya was the main departure point for migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Italy.

But in 2011 there was a surge in migrant boats arriving from Tunisia, because of the “Arab Spring” uprising which toppled the country’s president. More than 64,000 Tunisians came ashore in Italy and Malta that year.


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  1. The solution is a simple one and it sends a clear message to future boat people.

    Get the army to round them up, throw them back on the boat and tow it out to sea. Then tell them if they come back they will be towed out again and again and again until their low IQ’s get the message.

      1. Hi Sizwe:

        Regarding South Africa I think the blacks are already doing that at least in principle. Every year there is an increasing number of white South Africans leaving. They have had enough of a Black dominated and corrupt South African society devoid of industry and intellect. If you like these people so much why not emigrate to South Africa or Liberia or Nigeria. If black countries are such great places to live why are so many of their people trying to get out and live with us white folk.

        Where do you live Sizwe, and if an immigrant why did you choose that society?

        Kind regards

        Uncle Sam

        1. “Sizwe” is actually a black South African male name. what Sizwe prefers to forget is that black tribes are also colonialists in South Africa, since the true indigenous people of South Africa are the Khoi Khoi and San who were displaced by whites and blacks at around the same time.

      2. The veteran BBC reporter David Dimbleby was doing a programme on S.African crime. Whilst interviewing a group of “former hijackers” he asked them “what would happen if all the whites were to leave S.Africa?” One of the blacks immediately said “we’d be fucked..!” and they all laughed, except Dimbleby who quickly changed the subject. But the hijacker was right – if all the whites left – the biggest African industry – the one with the most beneficiaries – the robbing and killing one – would collapse.

      3. How racist behave the Africans towards nowadays white Southafricans? White people have been butchered, raped and mutilated by blacks in thousands. My suggestion: Get white people out of Africa and then seal the borders of Europe for good. Deal?

  2. All mass 3rd world immigration is state-sanctioned colonization. Think about it. Nobody voted for it, nobody wanted it, nobody asked for it, with the exception of the globalist elite. And there is a big difference between ruler and ruled. The rulers celebrate ethnic diversity and universal racial equality, the people do not. The rulers are traitors for waging war on the nation-state like this.

  3. The proof that these are invaders and not genuine migrants should be obvious – they are ALMOST ALL GROWN MEN – there are virtually no women or children on these boats.

    1. YES! Simple common sense will tell you that 90 percent of them are males of military age. They are a Trojan Horse! Once they occupy their planned positions then they will receive the arms from their sponsors. Those naive and foolish Europeans and Americans are bringing the invaders into their territories with their own boats and planes. HOW STUPID CAN THEY POSSIBLY BE? It is beyond comprehension!

  4. As a White South African I will first ask if the Europe of former days still exist? I’m writing this as one who reads rough things about Europe presently. While now being welcomed, something we were denied up to the present day and for which our white complexes will disqualify us from the privileges enjoyed by the Black cross-over immigrants, White South Africans are uncertain which of the evils to choose from.

  5. Americans this affects you!
    US readers, pay attention to Malta since some of those same illegal migrants rescued by the Maltese navy are being sent to your towns in America. So, South Carolina got some of those!
    I have been writing about this likely illegal use of the refugee resettlement program for years and it is one more reason Rep. Trey Gowdy should be calling for hearings. In fact, Rep. Michael Mc Caul (Homeland Security) should be holding hearings about the US taking any of the boat people arriving on Malta from Libya as ISIS has said it will infiltrate the ‘refugee’ flow. Here is a recent post on the State Department telling Malta we will take more of their illegal overload! We probably have a hundred posts here at RRW on the Malta problem. Click here for our complete archive. Also, we don’t take Kenyans as refugees. When Kenya is listed as a processing country, those are most likely Somalis from the UN camps in Kenya! Thailand and Malaysia are UN processing countries as well, so this information tells us nothing about what the ethnic mix is that has gone to SC.

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