Bradford, UK, Ethnically Cleansed of White People

White British people have been almost completely ethnically cleansed from the four municipal wards which make the central district of the city of Bradford, West Yorkshire, an analysis of census figures has revealed.

The four wards which make up Bradford city center, Bradford Moor, City, Little Horton, Manningham and Toller, have overwhelming nonwhite British populations—a complete shift over the last twenty years, when the majority population of that city was white British.

Bradford city center: the demographic make-up is clear.
Bradford city center: the demographic make-up is clear.

According to the official statistics kept by the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS), Bradford Moor ward has a total population of 21,210. Of that number, only some 3,662 are classified as white—and that figure dates from the 2011 census.

In Bradford Moor, the names of the elected councilors tell the story: Faisal Khan (Respect Party), Mohammed Shafiq (Labour Party), and Ghazanfer Khaliq (Labour Party).

City ward has a total population of 23,485. Of that number, only 5,972 are classified as white—once again, according to the 2011 census, which means that the figures are already four years out of date (given that the census was taken in 2010).

The elected councilors in City ward are Munir Ahmed (Labour Party), Shakeela Lal (Labour Party), and Ruqayyah Collector (Respect Party).

Little Horton ward has a total population of 21,547. Of that number, only 6,195 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors in Little Horton are Alyas Karmani (Respect Party), and Sher Khan (Labour Party).

Manningham ward has a total population of 19,983. Of that number, only 2,976 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors are Ishtiaq Ahmed (Independent), Shabir Hussain (Labour Party), and Asama Javed (Labour Party). Manningham was the location of the infamous Bradford Riots of 2001.

Toller ward has a total population of 19,914. Of that number, only 2,855 are classified as white, according to the 2011 census. The elected councilors are Amir Hussain (Labour Party), Arshad Hussain (Labour Party), and Imran Hussain (Labour Party).

All these figures added together means that in 2010, out of a total city center population of 106,139, only some 21,660 were classified as white—just over 20 percent. In the intervening four years since those figures came out, the percentage of whites will have dropped even further.

For Bradford as a whole, the 2011 census reported a total population of 522,452. Of that number, 352,317 were classified as white in 2010.

The nonwhite rates of growth over the past twenty years mean that it is a certainty that this part of West Yorkshire—ancient home of the Viking settlements of east England—will be completely overrun within the next two decades.

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  1. I wonder how many of those are recent immigrants with strong ties to their home nations? This is warfare…and it needs to stop…

  2. Do you all remember when the British demonstrated against the racists in South Africa and screamed hatred against white South Africans, banned our sportsmen, Equity banned all British entertainment from going to South Africa, imports & exports to & from South Africa were sanctioned not to mention dozens of other banning so, sanctions & general petty obfuscation.

    Well "poms" suck it all up. I hope you all suffer. You helped destroy South Africa & now it's your turn on your over crowded little island.
    Try pulling the plug,sink it,wash it off & start all over again.

  3. I woke up. Born in Bradford in 1949 I joined the Army and never lived there again, except for odd occasions when I stayed with my parents, who preferred to visit me down South. The place was over run by Pakistani's as far back as the late 50's early 60's, and I can remember as a young lad hearing voices in Urdu or whatever, arguing, then a blood curdling scream as two drunken Paki's pushed a broken bottle down a 3rd one's throat. Left the Army, went into corporate life and have been in Australia for 22 years and loved every minute.

  4. 85 Sharia Courts in the Uk as well.
    The goal is to flood Sweden, Norway, Germany, the EU and UK then eventually America with Islamic refugees, who will eventually create a powerful enough voting block to ensure hard-left, pro-open door immigration politicians continue to get into office.”
    Thus eventually ending any chance of pro-Western governments.

  5. This makes me extremely sad and upset. When they overpopulate this area they will then spread to other parts of the UK that are majority white and then they will eventually in the end become the majority of what was once a white Christian country taking over white english cities one by one. Where will the homeland of the white races be? Indians are not being racially replaced in their homeland India, Pakistanis are not being racially replaced in their own homeland of Pakistan, Middle eastern countrys again are not being racially replaced by mass immigration and outbreeding of the white race into their countrys.

    Who is doing this to us?

    Who is causing the slow and silent genocide of our beautiful white race and culture?

    Interacial breeding means our genetic caucasian makeup will not be passed on to the children. The white race is being bred out to an instiniction level within a few hundred years, if nothing is done right now to reverse this damage. We cannot see the full effects just yet, only mildly. In 50 years from now you will truely see the damage across europe, UK, Sweden as well as USA and Australia.

    You can clearly see the white race has left this city behind in mass migration to other majority white area's of Britian to be with their own race, this truely shows us how multiculturalism isn't working at all!!!!

    I pray to god that my white brothers and sisters of the UK wake up to this white genocide of our beautiful country and fight back while we are still the majority for our lands that are being taken from us by people who have their own lands.

    Any causcasian person reading this please have a minimum of 3 children to reverse our racial decline and pass the message on to others.

    I am White and i am proud to be White, to all the politically correct left wing people who cry that i'm racist and shouldn't be proud of my own race and want to protect it then just check the facts!! They will prove we are being outbred and wiped of this planet slowly and silently, Check population statics and history data of western white country's today. You will know my words to be true when you see the FACTS for yourself.

  6. Don't worry I personally have absolute no intention of voting for "the three stooges". They are liars and traitors, not be be trusted doing up their shoe laces! They have sold us down the river to an inbred, barbaric, godless community who's aim is to annialate us at the first opportunity! Our 2000 year old history will be annialate with us, museums, parks, books, schools, hospitals, will be a thing of the past! what a wonderful legacy these traitors have in store for our children and children's children!.. They are without doubt despicable, and they expect me to vote for them..I think not

  7. they are not only doing this they are attacking our way of life in so many levels do not vote for the liblabcon whatever u do honestly this ill informed people still voting and given them money or traitors or immigrants.

  8. This multicultural system has been done deliberatly to divide and conquer the .white British race that the governing powers over several decades have hated with a passion.! If people marry into other cultures it breaks a tradition of inherited pride as the off spring of such unions are divide …hence easier to control. I have a great respect for the SCOTS as a whole and they are wonderful engineers. A
    courageous and proud race of people, BUT make lousy politicians!!

  9. We have let governments past and present, let more colored or asian people into the country with their lax immigration policy and now we're seeing their fruits.. They have sold this country down the river.. you won't see these people living in hoitey toitey places so they don't have to worry about anything like this.. I wonder what the crime rate is in these areas..

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