The Extermination of the White Race: Marseille in France will be First Majority Muslim City in Europe

The building of the Grand Mosque of Marseille in the southern French city symbolizes more than just a growing Muslim population—it is indicative of a far wider demographic trend which will see France’s oldest city become western Europe’s first majority Islamic metropolis within the next fifteen years.


In 2012, after a lengthy court battle, an appeals court gave the go-ahead for the building of the Grand Mosque in Marseille’s northern Saint Louis area.

The 22-million-euro ($28-million) project will create a Grand Mosque, boasting a minaret soaring 25-meters (82-feet) high and room for up to 7,000 worshippers.

Although the mosque is still under construction, according to its official website, there are “more than 250,000 Muslims” in the city, mostly of Sunni origin. The site goes on to list their origins as follows: Algerians 90,000–100,000; Comorians 60,000–70,000; Tunisians 25,000–30,000; Africans 10,000–15,000; Moroccans 15,000–20,000; Middle East 10,000–15,000; and Converts other 7,000–15,000.

There are already more than 65 “Muslim places of worship” across the 16 districts of the city, located in areas with a strong Muslim presence in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th and 16th districts.

In 2010, the city’s total population was estimated at 850,000, which means that at least thirty percent of the city is Muslim.

This does however, not provide the full picture. According to the latest city statistics, 41.8 percent of those aged 18 and under are “of foreign descent”—this means that, given continued immigration and natural reproduction rates, Marseilles will be majority nonwhite within fifteen years.

Marseilles is France’s third largest city, and also the country’s oldest. The French national anthem, La Marseillaise, comes from the time when the city’s volunteer revolutionaries sang the song, and many of the city’s highlights—such as the central arch on the Porte d’Aix, date from a time when France was French. Now, however, it sits at the epicenter of the nonwhite invasion, and, as can be seen below, is surrounded by streets which are straight out of North Africa, with street merchants selling djellabas, Islamic veils—and travel agencies specializing in pilgrimages to Mecca.


As the third world chaos engulfs the city, Marseilles is also now officially “Europe’s most dangerous place to be young.”

Proportionally, Marseille (population 800,000), now has almost as many drug-related murders as New York (population 8,000,000) and in 2011, at least 300 AK-47s were seized by police in their ongoing—and losing—war against the nonwhite drug gangs which have swamped southern Marseilles.

The city’s appearance, criminality, filth, chaos, and degradation, offers the best vision yet of what all of Europe will look like unless the Third World invasion is halted and reversed.





Marseilles-10 Marseilles-09 Marseilles-08 Marseilles-07



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  1. Oh how lucky that the French were liberated from those horrible Germans. Now they have all these blacks to give their country to. Serves you right and your British allies are also getting their punishment and all the other countries of the west who took such great delight in killing Germans and tearing their country apart.

    1. If we all think like that then we are doomed to fail as a race. We need to remember the past learn from it and most importantly stay united. We need to drastically reduce migration, deport illegal migrants in our caucasian homelands. We most importantly need to promote an increase in our native caucasian birthrate. If you are caucasian, create at least 3 caucasian offsprings in your lifetime and you will be helping with the continual survival of our beautiful race and culture.

  2. Lyon is not far off Marseille as far as problems in article is concern. Same crime and slums in various parts of the city. If this will continue for next couple of years I will have to move to other city.

  3. About 1300 years ago governments did nothing about the invasions of Muslims, and it took a large group of wealthy people to get together and petition the pope to stop this invasion, upon thousands of men marched against the muslims. That was the first Crusaders.
    We are told that it was our fault for the horrors of what went on back then and yes many horrible things were done, but this would never have happened if Muslims had not don what mohammad told them to do and that is take the WHOLE world for allah..
    To follow what they were ordered to do by mohammad/allah, when the time was right and they were called and they had enough numbers, muslims started out on their attempt to invade the whole world, each time the crusaders rose up again to stop them..
    We have to remember that these crusaders were illiterate and did not know what was in the bible, so were open to what the pope said.. so atrocities were done.. they did however have every right to defend their countries just as we did against Germany and Japan.. funny now how we are told it was our fault for the crusades eh. but do people today think that these Christians should just let their lands be taken…
    Today it appears that because of the stupidity of our governments and that our people are so full of junk food and chemicals that Muslims just might achieve what allah said to do, “take the world for allah”. City after city are being taken over by Muslims in every western country and we deserve it as we sit there and let them do it, we seem not wanting to protect our little children from the horrors of sharia, from being raped, beheaded etc.
    Thank God that I am on the way out..

    1. I totally agree with you and I am doing my best to try and stop this Islamic invaison, but what can individual people like myself do to halt this ? I have two Sons and Grandchildren and hate immigration with a passion, especially the third world Moslem welfare dependent, inbreeding kind. I want all the ones who are unwilling to intergrate, support themselvea and respect our way of life deported immediately. No one should have a human right to forcibly invade a foreign nation and parasite off fhe backs of the indiginous population. Population replacement is also highly illegal and any government that deliberately fails to protect its own people must be removed from office.

  4. There is only ONE way the right-wing is going to be able to convince enough indigenous white people to wake up and take back the lands their forefathers fought and died for. That is for one Euro nation to paradoxically INCREASE immigration, particularly African/Middle-eastern Muslim immigration to the point where that nation collapses and serves an example to the world what happens. The invasion/genocide is happening far too slowly for people to realise what has happened. They don’t know that by 2040 they will be minorities and will be unable to vote to prevent Sharia law and there will be no country besides perhaps Poland that will be able to keep them safe. But if a nation such as Sweden can be sacrificed as an example very soon, there may just be hope to save Europe and the world.

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